The Beginning

Okay.  See, it all started with Creative Writing.  I don’t remember much else about 5th grade.  Except we spent an extraordinary amount of time writing.  And the praise.  I definitely remember the praise.  Yeah, I got kudos.  But I was reading far beyond my grade level so it just makes sense that I would write that way as well.  I was writing love stories even then.  Girl meets boy and love happens.  And I knew, even then, that I wanted to be an author.  That’s how I was going to make my living.  But, of course, life and insecurities got in the way.  And though I wrote and wrote and wrote (because I must write) I barely even showed it to people, let alone sent it in for consideration.

And then I found gay romance and I was hooked.  It felt like I finally understood what I was meant to write.  And the stories started pouring into my brain, the plot bunnies were running wild, and there was no way I could stop them.  So, I wrote some more.  And got feedback from people who didn’t already love me to bits and pieces.  My confidence grew and I was finally brave enough to submit a story to Dreamspinner Press.  It’s my first published work and I’m over the moon excited about it.  These are my boys and this is their story.  And it’s going to be out there for people to read and, hopefully, enjoy.

Here’s what you can expect if you keep dropping by: updates about any current WIPs and new releases, Flash Fic Fridays (which is what it sounds like), and musings about the inner workings of my mind and writing process.  I’m not going to lie, there will probably be some other random things thrown in as well.  But here’s where you can get the updates.

If you’re here, it means you took the time to look me up and for that, I am so exceedingly appreciative.  I love to hear feedback and you can find my contact info at the top of the page.  Feel free to drop me a line and I promise to respond.

10 thoughts on “The Beginning”

  1. This is fabulous Kris! So excited for you. Lol on the alliteration. Don’t get me started on suggestions for the other days of the week!


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