Fever Dreams

I’m a very vivid dreamer.  It’s like watching a movie in my head that stems from my own imagination.  This actually works incredibly well in my favor.  Because not only do I have good sleep because of the dreams, I also see scenes from what I’m writing.

It’s in that time while I’m falling asleep that I do some of my best thinking and plotting.  And if it’s a particularly good “session,” then I dream of my characters and see what they are up to.  When I wake up, I can usually recall exactly what I dreamed and can write it down.  Maybe it makes it into my story and maybe it doesn’t, but the characters are never far from my brain.  I’m never far from the story.

Yesterday, I did not feel well at all.  Stomach bug.  Which I hate.  But I spent most of the day sleeping and the dreams I had?  They were kind of amazing. I attribute that to the sickness.  And they really helped with the sticking plot point I’ve been having with the story I’ll start writing on Friday for NaNoWriMo.  It’s shaping up to be a sweet, very low angst story.  Two boys meeting and falling in love, working through the process toward their happily ever after.

That is, of course, if I’m able to translate my dreams and put them on the page just like I saw them.