Update From the Attic

It’s been awhile, and that means it’s time for an update and what I’m working on post!

First things first! Hero Worship was originally released as part of an antho a few years ago. I love this story. Like an insane amount. I don’t know what it is about it, and it was one of the first I ever wrote, but Matt and Alex have a special place in my heart. I revisited them often in flash fics, because I never could quite let them go. So I’m super happy to say it’s going to be released as a single title in January with JMS Books. It’ll get some new polish and shine, and a pretty new cover. Anyone who hasn’t gotten the opportunity to read it before will finally get a second chance. (Specific info when I have it)

So there’s going to be a glut from me in the coming months. First we have Hearts and Hazelnuts, on November 29. I’m doing a cover reveal over on Joyfully Jay next Friday, and I can’t wait to show it off. Because it’s beautiful and I love it. Brooke Albrecht did an amazing job. I’m in the process of working with the publisher to set up a mini blog tour so I’ll post those when I know them.

Then there’s A Timely Gift, part of Dreamspinner’s Advent Calendar. On December 1st, it’ll be released as a standalone title. The whole set is up for preorder now, at a fantastic price, so if you want 31 great stories, one a day, delivered to your inbox, then head over and pick it up! And if only a few strike your fancy, they’ll all be available individually on the first.

In January, on the 16th, Ghost of a Chance will hit e-shelves. If you’ve already subscribed to the Dreamspun Beyond line, then you’ll get the book when it’s released. If not, you can get it (or any of the other titles) individually in ebook or paperback. I really love the cover for this one too, but I’m gonna keep that to myself for a little while longer. Closer to release date, I’ll share it. I feel like I’ve talked about this book a lot, but I love Blake and Derek, and I love their story. And it’s something just a little bit different, so that was extra fun. I can’t wait to share their story…and that of Sam and Michael, Lost Souls Found, which will be out in late spring. Though each book can be read as a standalone, and isn’t dependent on the other, there are cameos in both stories of all the characters, so it makes it a little bit more fun. (And a third for the series is currently under review by the publisher)

And, of course, as I mentioned, Hero Worship will also be re-released in January!

So what else has been going on? I worked through a little bit of burn out, and am currently penning another story, shifters this time. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself, just enjoying it as I write it, though I have a loose goal to get it done by mid November. I’ve always wanted to write shifters, but wanted to do it in a way that speaks to my own idea of how it works. And though one of my characters is a wolf, the other is a mountain lion, because I had to have a cat of some sort.

Oh, and I dye my own yarn now, a few of which are for sale, so if you’re interested, you can check out my Etsy shop! The names of the colorways are based on romance genres, Harry Potter themed, and Star Trek. So, that’s fun. heh.

Still no day job yet, but I’m making the best of it. Have an interview. We will see how it goes.

So that’s me in a nutshell right now. Hope everyone’s world is as shiny as it can be.


What’s Going On

Okay, so a little update for all those who are interested.

–As I announced late last week, Lost Souls Found has been contracted and will be out next spring. I’m so excited about this story! I love series (as I’ve talked about before) and I’m thrilled with this book.

Somebody to Die For is in with the publisher. It’s the third in the Requiem Inc series. Waiting is hard!

–I’ve broken ground on a new story, which does not yet have a title (because titling is hard too!). This one has some heavier themes, but not too much, because this is me. The basic story has been percolating in my head for months now, and I finally had the missing piece to make it settle into place.

–And of course, upcoming releases!

*Hearts and Hazelnuts is out on November 29, 2017. I’ll be sharing cover and teasers very soon!

*A Timely Gift is part of the Advent Calendar. Individual release is December 1st, but if you’ve ordered the set, it’ll be a surprise one day in your inbox. (I adore this story more than I have words.)

*Ghost of a Chance is out in January. Dreamspun Beyond line. If you’ve got a subscription, it’ll arrive on release day. Otherwise, look for it on it’s own then. The cover is being designed now, and I can’t wait to see it. The love I have for this story is sort of ridiculous, but Blake and Derek were a long time coming, so I’m super excited. Plus, paperback!


I’m so very excited to announce that Lost Souls Found has been contracted! *confetti*

It’s the second book in the Requiem Inc series, which is part of the Dreamspun Beyond line.

So here’s a little background:

When I first conceived of the idea for the series, I knew there was a pair of brothers who both had the ghostwalker gene. Way back when, several years ago, Sam had a different name, but Michael was still Michael. And Sam pined for Michael in the very best way. So when I wrote Ghost of a Chance, I wrote in Sam having feelings for Michael not even knowing if I’d have a chance to write their story. But for me, it was integral to the characters. I put the feelings in, and hints as to Michael’s feelings as well, because I felt it needed to be there.

And then I took a chance and pitched it. Dreamspinner was on board with seeing it, so I wrote their story. And it was a challenge but in the best possible way. There was a lot I needed to accomplish with these guys, because of their connection and the length of time Sam had been crushing on Michael.

I think I succeeded in making it work. 🙂

I love these guys, and I love their story. They aren’t perfect by any means, and they both have some learning to do. But when they get to the end, they are solid in their love for one another, and in their life and future.

The book is slated for release in late spring, sometime in April or May of 2018. So those of you who read Ghost of a Chance, won’t have too long a wait to find out what happens to Sam and Michael!

I’m thrilled and excited. And I can’t wait for you to read this story.

What’s Going On

So I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I figure it’s time to throw the update out there so anyone who cares to know can see where I’m at, writing wise:

Somebody to Die For, the third in the Requiem Inc series, is finished and submitted. Yay!

–Because of the hurricane, things are moving slowly at Dreamspinner, so I haven’t heard anything on Lost Souls Found either yet. Hopefully, everyone is safe, as that’s the most important thing. It’ll be a bit before I hear anything on that. But StDF is just in, so it’ll be a while yet before I know anything with that one anyway.

Hearts and Hazelnuts releases November 29th. I’ll show the absolutely gorgeous cover and do the whole promo thing when it gets a little closer. I’m so excited for this one!

A Timely Gift is set to release as part of the Advent Calendar. My very first published story was part of that package way back in 2013, so it’s sort of special to be part of it again. I love this story a lot. It’s fun and sweet and I loved writing it. More news, again, as it gets closer.

Ghost of a Chance is in the final stages of editing, with just the copy proof to go. I still love this story, despite having read it approximately a billion and nine times (which can also be said about the previous two items). Blake and Derek have a special place in my heart. And, yep, you guessed it…more info as the release day draws closer.

–Still haven’t found a new day job. Which is sad and a bit worrisome. Except that I’ve managed to do a great deal of writing in the time off from working, so I feel really good about that. I currently have plans to take advantage of the time I have left. Real life is going to intrude before I know it (at least, I can hope) so I want to get more written before it does. A shiny little sub call may have caught my attention…

So all in all, things are moving along swimmingly. I’m making the most of my time…or trying to anyway. And that means more goodies for you to read in the near future!



Just a quick post to update where I’m at!

Still don’t have a day job and as a result:

The sweater I’m knitting is almost done.

I’ve finished editing Hearts and Hazelnuts, and have gone through the first round of edits on Ghost of a Chance. I’ve finished writing Lost Souls Found, and have submitted it. I’m working on Somebody to Die For….but I had a lag there for a while during which I had to work through a wee bit of burn out. Also, during edits for Ghost of a Chance, I had to decide on some changes that effect the series as a whole. Even though these books stand alone, I want anyone who reads any or all of the books to have a consistency throughout. So that slowed me down some as well.

Also! A Timely Gift, my solstice + Christmas story, has been contracted to be part of DSP’s Advent Calendar, so pretty soon there will be edits with that as well.

So I’m working hard, and now that I’m back on track with StDF, I intend to put a good dent in the word count and get it done in the next couple of weeks.

And that’s it for me! Hope everyone is getting through summer (or winter) okay!

Out Today!

One in Vermilion is out now!

It’s funny how this story came about. You see, I saw the sub call (and man am I a sucker for sub calls) so I got to thinking. And the more I thought, the more the story coalesced. Two guys, who both need a new start, find each other at the right time and just connect. The dogs help. But it’s really just a right time, right place kind of thing. And more than that, they both need to heal. Wyatt needs to take a chance, Tru needs to face his past. And together, they find a love that’s one in a million.

I love these guys. I love the dogs. And I especially love the punny title, which I thought of first when thinking about colors, and just knew there had to be a story to go with it.

And next week, we’ll visit Wyatt and Tru again for Flash Fic Friday.

Available at all the usual places. 🙂

JMS   Amazon   BN   Kobo   iBooks

Wyatt Janson needed a change of scenery in the worst way, so he packed up his dog and moved to a small tourist town. When he spots a man in a vermilion beanie, he’s intrigued. Why would someone would wear such a hat in the middle of summer? Their paths keep crossing, and Wyatt soon learns that Truitt Rackley owns a dog grooming and training service. It’s the perfect opportunity for Wyatt to meet Tru.

What begins as friendship quickly blossoms into more. But Tru’s happy demeanor hides a sad past. The hat he wears is only one part of it. Tru needs Wyatt’s support as he deals with the fallout, and Wyatt is glad to be able to provide it. Now that he’s found Tru, he knows he’ll do whatever he must to keep him. Can two broken men find the happily ever after they’ve been searching for?