beauty-of-writing-1534048What I’m working on.

All titles are tentative. All final word counts are goals. Everything on this page is subject to change at the drop of a hat or when the wind blows hard. So basically, just a vague guideline for what I’m working on now.




Hearts and Hazelnuts

–States of Love, contemporary, mechanic, farmer, bisexual
Releases Novmember 29, 2017

Ghost of a Chance

–Paranormal, bisexual, spirits/ghosts, bonds, Dreamspun Beyond

Editing, tentative release date in January 2018

A Timely Gift

–bisexual, winter solstice, reunion romance, Christmas

contracted, December 2017 release

Lost Souls Found

–sequel, pansexual, spirits/ghosts, boss/employee, Dreamspun Beyond

Submitted to publisher

Somebody to Die For

–sequel, spirits/ghosts, age difference, hurt/comfort, Dreamspun Beyond

30122 / 50000 words. 60% done!