Long Time, No Chat

Hello! Yes, I’m still alive and doing things, though I have not posted much to any social media at all, and certainly haven’t updated the blog. I’ll get into reasons in a second but here I am to bring you the news.

Okay, so as most of you may know the EDJ has been truly evil for about a year now. But that’s all about to change. In a week, I start a new position. Same large company (a huge healthcare conglomerate) but a different office/department/position. I’m super excited about it, because it’ll be a whole different world. Not to mention, I’m sort of friends with my direct boss, and I know that if she has to address any issues with me, she’ll actually be nice about it. Not that I’m anticipating any issues, but you never know if you’ll make a mistake. We’re human after all. I’m also looking forward to management that’s actually supportive instead of aloof and defensive. So that’ll be a nice change. And on top of that, because of my particular skill set, there are plans for my future according to the boss. “Big plans, if you’re willing” was what I was told. So we shall see. It also means no overtime, which sad about losing that extra pay but so glad my nights and weekends will be free.

The other reason I’ve been largely absent is that writing has been….hard. Very hard. There were lots of reasons why, and part of that was being stuck in my own head. So, you know. That effects things. I’ve had a hard time getting the mojo flowing, and I was having trouble breaking out of that. Nell and I were pushing to finish Diving In, and that was a challenge for reasons I won’t go into. And on top of that, I had deadlines looming, and I was having the absolute worst time getting myself to sit down and write. So, I moved my computer so I can lounge on the futon, hoping that would help. It sort of did. And then I changed the idea for my looming deadline, and miraculously, I was able to pound out words! It’s not quite halfway done, and even better, the deadline got pushed back, so I have plenty of time to make this story the best it can be.

My schedule is pretty full, writing wise, for the foreseeable future. After this story, there’s a sci fi I need to work on. I have a good idea for that one. And the last two books in the Family Found series. And, well, if you know me at all it won’t be a surprise to hear that yes, this new story I’m working on will, in fact, be a series.

I’m basically going to be writing series forever. And to be honest, I couldn’t be happier about it. Because I love them with the fiery passion of a thousand suns!

In other news, the Something Like books found a new home at JMS and there’s a boxset too! So if you like paperback, you can get that. Or if you haven’t read them all and want them in one go, now’s your chance! And if you pop over to JMS to buy them, they are on sale today. (as is everything, so you know, stock up!) You can get to it here.

So that’s all the news from me. Things are better in the real life day to day, and I’m back into the swing of things writing wise. I’ll do my damnedest to update more regularly. And hopefully start up the Friday flash fics again! Maybe not this Friday, because of things, but hopefully the week after!

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day, if you celebrate. Eat yummy food and be safe if you drink!


Cover Reveal!

Preston and Sawyer Waters need a vacation in the worst way. Life stressors have gotten to be too much, and they need to reconnect. A month-long stay at a cabin in the woods is perfect to remember how to enjoy each other. But they never expect to meet the man who would fit with them so perfectly.

Wade Johansson loves his life. Running V Wilderness Adventures with his best friends, spending his life on the water, and being surrounded by nature is his dream come true. But he’s missing one key element: someone to love.

The three men find an instant connection and are quick to explore the attraction. It becomes clear immediately that they want a relationship lasting longer than just a vacation. But with Preston and Sawyer living in another town and Wade worried about how he fits, can they find the courage to dive in head first?

Pre order here!

The Thing That’s Happening

Okay so I’ve been absent for a while, basically across all social media. Not so great for my author presence but needed for my mental health.

The EDJ is still insane and Nell and I have been noses to the grindstone to finish the next book in our Family Found series. So good and bad things have kept me away.

But in the process, I’ve failed to talk about the thing that’s happening.

The Something Like series is getting repubbed with JMS books! Now, if you already have these books then you’re good. There’s no changes within and they even have the same covers. What IS exciting is every Wednesday this month the next one hits the shelves and down the line, there will be a box set!

Something Like Hope is out today! And you can get it here!

Happy Release Day…to me!

It’s out in the world!

After the death of his wife, Nick Valenti is raising his twins on his own. It’s no surprise when his son, Quinn, gets a part in the holiday show, but Nick is amazed when he shows up at the parent meeting and finds his old high school friend is now his son’s music teacher.

Emmett James is full of passion and energy, and Nick is captivated by him. Volunteering to help with sets gives Nick the opportunity to get to know the man Emmett has become. Sparks fly, flirting ensues, and Nick wants nothing more than to see where the attraction between them goes.

With Christmas in the air, and holiday music helping them along, will Nick and Emmett find a romance that can last?

Buy it here at JMS or Amazon or BN or Kobo or iBooks

And happy reading!

What’s Been Going On

Okay, so I promised to update this weekend, and I’m here to do that. I intended to do more. I really did. But….

After a short bout with illness, and on the morning I was to take her to the vet, my beloved Phoebe passed away. To say I’m heartbroken is an understatement. I rescued her from the freezing cold four years ago, and she has been my constant companion, my lap barnacle, ever since. To think she won’t plant herself in my lap, mess with my yarn, or climb on my shoulder while I write ever again is devastating. My girl is gone, and I am very sad. And that makes it hard to do anything.

But I do have some books coming out and that’s exciting, even though my heart is heavy. Right now they are on sale at JMS, so if you’ve a mind, snatch them up at the cheaper price.

Releasing on Saturday, December 15th

Twas The Play Before Christmas

After the death of his wife, Nick Valenti is raising his twins on his own. It’s no surprise when his son, Quinn, gets a part in the holiday show, but Nick is amazed when he shows up at the parent meeting and finds his old high school friend is now his son’s music teacher.

Emmett James is full of passion and energy, and Nick is captivated by him. Volunteering to help with sets gives Nick the opportunity to get to know the man Emmett has become. Sparks fly, flirting ensues, and Nick wants nothing more than to see where the attraction between them goes.

With Christmas in the air, and holiday music helping them along, will Nick and Emmett find a romance that can last?



And out in January, on the 26th

Snowed In: Jonah and Cooper

Jonah Lyons is looking forward to spending a weekend at a cabin with his sister, Ellie. So the last thing he expects is for his ex-boyfriend to show up.

Captain Adrian Cooper was once the love of his life, but Jonah thinks he’s moved past it. Getting trapped together because of a snowstorm wasn’t on the agenda, but it means they either have to talk or murder each other.

When Cooper admits the reason he left, Jonah doesn’t know how to react. The depth of Cooper’s love has never waned, and Jonah realizes he still loves Cooper, too. Now he needs to decide if he can forgive Cooper. Can he give them both the second chance they deserve?

News. Such As It Is

Okay so I’ve been largely absent from social media for the better part of 2 months. I’ve posted a little on FB and Twitter, but that’s mostly been retweets and shares, though there has been a little original content.

There’s a couple of reasons for that.

The first, as I’ve been saying for, well, most of this year, is the EDJ. It’s been hell. Long hours, extra days. Stress on top of stress. We’re behind, we can’t get more people (gotta love the bosses at the top looking at budget more than what is actually needed. Don’t get me started. They’ve decided we’re already over staffed). So it’s a hot mess of epic proportions. And sadly this makes me completely meh about doing anything other than full out relaxing when I finally do get home. I don’t want to do ANYTHING.

Which leads me to the second thing and that’s that I haven’t written a whole heck of a lot. In fact, I’m way under par for how many words I normally write. Not only is there that whole “I don’t wanna” going on, but I’ve had a terrible time actually getting ideas to gel.

It’s hard. On me and for me. I WANT to write. But there’s just…nothing left. No steam. I am steamless.

I intend to update the site this weekend (but of course I expected to do that last weekend so I need to give myself a swift kick). There’s stories coming out soon! I want you to be able to find them should you chose to. Christmas and snowed in and a hot little flash. I have covers and everything, though some have made the rounds.

I will do better. This is my promise to you! So look for info and updates in the coming days!

All The Things

So it’s been quite a very long while since I posted anything, and I aim to change that. But there are reasons I’ve been absent and so…updates on me and my work!

The EDJ is still evil. Overtime stopped, because we actually got caught up for a minute there. But that was because people were on vacation and there wasn’t as much work coming in. Alas, I was out for a couple of weeks (explanation in a minute) and when I came back we were again, very much behind. So overtime has started again, and as much as I love the extra money, it means more hours a day and at least six days a week at the job. Which is blech.

So about me being out….after years of pain, I was finally vindicated. I said it was my gallbladder, but since my tests came back fine, I was ignored. But finally, after another attack, the ultrasound showed gallstones, and I got that sucker removed. Seriously, even though I was nervous, because hello, surgery, I was so freaking relieved. The surgery went well, I was out of work for two weeks, got some Percocet to help with the pain of recovering in the first few days, and I am well healed now. Since it was laparoscopic, i only have three little incisions and you can barely see them only a few weeks on. And I am feeling much better in general, all around, and that is awesome.

So what have I been working on? A couple of sub call entries! First I wrote a snowed in story, that I love to pieces. Snowed in/forced proximity is one of my very favorite tropes. I love forced proximity an insane amount. So when I saw the call, I knew I had to write it. It took some doing, because I was second guessing myself for no reason whatsoever, but it’s done and in and Snowed In: Jonah and Cooper will be out in January.

I also wrote a Christmas story! Because if you know me at all, you know Christmas stories, and holiday stories in general, are totally my crack. I set it in Landry’s Fall, the fictional town I created for One in Vermilion, and there’s a reason for that (tell you in a minute) and this one came straight from a prompt from my BFF. He told me to write one, and I said, okay, what should I write, and he gave me a paragraph of the idea. I wrote it quickly, as after the surgery I didn’t have much time before the deadline. But I also love it a lot, it ends with a strong HFN, and it’s all the good feelings. ‘Twas the Play Before Christmas will be out in December.

Both these stories are novella length, which you may know is a favorite of mine. And totally my wheelhouse. So they will be fun, fluffy, quick romps you can enjoy in a couple of hours.

And Landry’s Fall….okay first let me say I love small town romances. Always have. Even when I was a wee child stealing Harlequin Romances from my Oma, those were always my favorite. I love the community feel, and I love the quaint and quintessential, and I love that they are often the best parts of small towns. Landry’s Fall is a town of my own creation, one that is pieced together with bits of my favorite places, and some imagined. I set it in the Adirondacks, which is one of my favorite locations on the entire planet, and sent Wyatt there to fall in love with Tru.

But Landry’s Fall has never left my brain, and I always wanted to set more stories there. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, talking it out with the BFF, and I decided to set Christmas there too. And while writing Christmas, more stories emerged, ones that also need to be written. This isn’t a series in the traditional sense, and not one like I’ve ever written before. These stories can be read in any order. Cameos happen, of course…it’s a small town! But they are in no way dependent on each other to exist. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge. But I thought it would be good to mark all these stories in a clear way, so that you know any book in the collection.

These stories will have a note, “A Landry’s Fall Story” on it so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Yes, there will be characters introduced in these stories that will eventually get there HEA. And sometimes the cameos will be bigger than others. But enjoy them in any order! Read whatever strikes your fancy! (and maybe in the future, there will be a boxed set. We shall see)

Now, this is already getting long, but there’s a couple of other things I want to mention.

The first is what I’m working on now. I’ve just broken ground on a new story…and this one is special because, well, I wrote the blurb first. A name sparked a sentence, the sentence sparked the blurb, and though I’m sure it will be tweaked as I wrist the story, it’s being written  to fit that blurb. And yes, you guessed it, it’s set in Landry’s Fall.

And this month I had two releases. The first was my cowritten book with Nell Iris, Falling Into Love, and we’ve begun working on the second in the series.

And I also released Somebody to Die For, part of the Dreamspun Beyond collection.

Click the titles to find buy links!

Okay so that’s it from me for now! See you soon!