Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Let’s see what Ryder and Bryce are up to. Considering how things started for them last week, they probably deserve it. Enjoy!**

The best part about being a wolf shifter was running in fur. Not that I knew what it was like to be truly human. I always had the heightened senses, the extra strength, the sense of community and pack. But when I left my human shape behind, embracing the wolf part of me, and ran on four legs, there was not a better feeling in the world.

Until today.

Because running in fur, with my mate at my side? That was the best thing I’d ever experienced. I didn’t think it would be any different than running with my pack. I hadn’t expected the sense of connection I’d feel with Bryce right beside me. He was bigger than I was, more muscular and faster, because he was an alpha. But he didn’t use it to intimidate or coerce, to bully or push. No, Bryce was all caretaker and protector. He ran slightly ahead of me to make sure the path was safe. He caught a rabbit, and while he took the first few bites, he nudge the majority of it, with the choicest parts, toward me. He watched my back while I drank from the creek.

I was more care for by this man I barely knew and had only been mated to for a day, than I had my entire life.

When Bryce steered me toward the house, I went willingly enough. We’d gone farther than I’d thought, and though it was harder to tell time in my wolf shape, I knew it took us a while to get back. I didn’t really think of it as home yet. I wasn’t sure when that would change. I hoped it was sooner rather than later. But I had to believe that once our scents were thoroughly intermingled, that my things were just as prevalent as his things, once we used that great big bed of his for something other than sleeping…

I shook that thought off because we’d made it back and Bryce shifted the moment we hit the deck. We’d been too exhausted last night to do anything other than fall into bed, barely even having the energy to change out of the wedding clothes and into sleepwear. I hadn’t even had problems sleeping, which was usually a problem for me when I wasn’t in my own bed. And in the light of day, with an exhilarating and head clearing run behind me, I didn’t know if that had been because I’d been so tired, or because I knew, already and without a doubt, I was safe with Bryce.

Maybe both.

But now I was admiring his body as he shifted into his skin and it was glorious. He was a stunning man, all hard lines and tight muscles and broad shoulders. Physically, he was exactly my type. I didn’t want to rush into the physical side of our relationship, and I was more than happy to take things slowly. It felt right and I was glad that Bryce was seemingly on board. That was something we would have to talk about, I supposed. Probably something we should have discussed in those few conversations before the actual wedding.

“You okay?” Bryce’s voice was a deeper rumble than normal, his vocal cords still adjusting to human shape. I tilted my head in question, and liked that Bryce chuckled. “You’re staring at me instead of shifting back.”

Oh. Right. I was supposed to shift too, because we needed to eat and replenish calories. And talk. Not necessarily about where my thoughts had been going earlier but just in general. Otherwise, we’d never get to know each other.

“Want me to go inside? Give you privacy?” Bryce said softly.

I immediately started shifting. That was silly. We’d changed to wolf together, and there was no reason to hide the reverse. It took me a little longer than it had him, but within a minute, I was crouched on the boards, panting as the last of the tingles faded away. When I looked up, Bryce’s gaze was fixed on me, pupils dilated.

That was nice to see. But not something I was ready to act on at the moment.

“Food?” I croaked, my voice not yet ready to work.

Bryce shook himself and then smiled. “Yeah. Of course. Let me just…I’ll go make food.”

I opened my mouth but before I could say anything, he was in the house. I shook my head, a little amused and a lot surprised. Usually, alphas didn’t cook. Even if they were good at it or liked it. It was the responsibility of lower pack members to prepare meals. Bryce was proving to be an atypical alpha in multiple ways.

By the time I got inside and pulled on a pair of sweats, Bryce had done the same and was at the stove. Ingredients were lined up on the counter, and he turned when I walked into the kitchen to give me a half smile.

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted, or what you like, so I have hamburgers here, but I can do steak too. And fries, but if you prefer I can do mashed potatoes or roasted—”


“I can do other sides too,” he continued as thought I hadn’t interrupted. “Whatever you like. Just tell me. I can order something if—”

“Alpha.” I made my voice firm and I stepped into his space as I said it. All that combined was enough to make him stop and actually look at me. I touched his chest, feeling how fast his heart was beating, and smiled. “Relax. Burgers and fries are great. Can I have two please?”

“Yeah.” His voice dropped and he licked his lips. He cleared his throat. “Whatever you want.”

I stretched up on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “Thank you. I appreciate that.” I patted his chest as I lowered back onto my heels.

“I just want you to be happy,” he said softly. “I don’t ever want you to think you made a mistake by agreeing to mate me.”

He was absolutely proving that I didn’t need to worry about that at all. As long as he kept doing exactly what he was, listening to me and taking care of me, I couldn’t imagine that would change. As long as he let me do the same in return.

“I am happy and I don’t regret it,” I assured him, knowing we’d have to talk more about it. But that was for later, as we settled into our new relationship. “But I want you to be happy too. And not regret it either.”

His grin was blinding. “Trust me. I am and I don’t.”

I returned the smile. “Then we’re going to be just fine.”

Flash Fic Friday, Serial

Flash Fic Friday

**Finally! A flash for you. What do you think, wanna see more of these guys next time? Enjoy!**

“Are you sure about this?”

I met my best friend’s eyes in the full-length mirror where, a moment before, I was on my third attempt to tie the bowtie, despite having practiced for the past week. It could have done with the nerves currently swirling in my gut and making my hands shake. I gave her a small smile.


Saoirse bit her lip, her brown eyes wide in her pale face. “But are you sure sure?”

I turned then, to face her full on, and took the jacket from her hands before she could crush the collar with her tight grip. She let it go without a fight and took several steps closer to me. Her hands trembled a little as she reached out and straightened out the tie.

“It’s not like I have a choice,” I said softly.

She squeezed her eyes closed for a moment, then took a shaky breath and opened them again. “We could run away.”

I chuckled and shook my head. “And what would your husband and child say about that?”

Saoirse wrinkled her nose. “Don’t be silly. They’re coming, too.”

I laughed then, a real laugh, and it broke the tension in the room. I cupped Saoirse’s cheek in my hand and then tilted her gaze up to mine. “I’m going to be fine. Really.”

“But you don’t even know him.”

“I know enough.” And that was true. Perhaps I’d only been promised to the Alpha of the West pack a month ago, and maybe we only had had a handful of conversations, but it was clear we’d get along fine. It wasn’t the marriage I’d dreamed about when I was young, but it wasn’t a bad match. And though I didn’t know Bryce Young well, I could tell he was a good man at his heart. I didn’t bother to say it out loud because she and I had that conversation before. Multiple times.

“I just worry.” Saoirse finished with my tie and then smoothed her hands down my shirt before taking one step back. She took the tuxedo jacket from me and then motioned for me to turn so she could help me slip it on. She brushed her hands along the shoulders, tugged on the hem, and then walked around me to fix the front. “You look very handsome, Ryder.”

“Thanks.” My voice came out a little scratchy and I cleared my throat. “It’s going to be fine. Bryce will be a good mate. He’s a good man. His pack is kind. And it’s not far. We’ll still see each other.”

“We better.” Saoirse tipped her head back and breathed hard through her nose to keep the tears at bay. “Let’s go get you married.”

I nodded but my feet seemed rooted to the floor. “Give me two minutes.”

She opened her mouth, but then closed it and nodded. “I’ll wait outside.”

I watched her go and only when the door was closed did I let out a harsh breath. I was a mid-pack wolf with no real prospects. Becoming an alpha mate would be a definitely step up. Not that that was the primary motivation for me to agreeing to the mating. My alpha had arranged the set up to forge an alliance between our packs. Bryce had made multiple visits to our pack, met with everyone, before he asked me, directly, if I’d be willing to accept his hand.

To be fair, arranged matings were archaic, but there were parts of wolf shifter culture that hadn’t yet gone away. The most sure fire way to align packs and create alliances was to intermingle members by mating. Like all wolves, Bryce was pansexual. But the fact that he’d chosen to mate with a cis male was rare. I couldn’t give him biological children, and most alpha’s wanted to that. We hadn’t discussed it, mostly because we hadn’t had a lot of time to talk, but I was sure that he’d use a surrogate if he was the type to want biological children.

A soft knock on the door interrupted my thought spiral. I wasn’t sure how I’d fallen down that path and it took me a second to get my mouth to work.


“Ryder, darlin,” Bryce’s voice rumbled right through the wood and into my chest, despite the five feet separating me from the door. “Can I come in?”


The door creaked open and Bryce stuck his head in, smiling at me, before he slid in and shut the door behind him. He was tall, wide shouldered, and fit, which wasn’t a surprise given his status in the pack. He was handsome too, at least by my estimation, which definitely helped. I found him attractive, and knew that wasn’t going to be a problem between us. I really liked his smile, and the way it lit up his face. The way his eyes crinkled at the corners when he really meant it.

But most of all, I liked the sincerity in his voice when he talked about taking care of his pack. I liked that he was determined to see to the needs of his wolve above all else, and that when he told me of his plans, he asked what I thought and really listened to my answers. I liked that he wanted to include me in things and not just dictate how things would go.

“I wanted to check on you. You all right?”

Once again, my mind had wandered off. I smiled and I didn’t even need to force it. When Bryce stepped in close and slowly reached out, telegraphing his actions, I let him take my hand. The warmth strength there was somehow reassuring.

“Yes.” I squeezed his hand. “You look amazing.”

He didn’t preen, as most alphas I knew would, but his gaze brightened. “It’s you who looks amazing. You’re so beautiful. I noticed it right away. It drew me to you.”

“Oh,” I said, on an exhale. Really? How did I not know that?

Bryce’s grin turned a little wry. “Did I not tell you that?”

“Not in words.” My voice was soft, and I unconsciously stepped closer to him, until there was barely an inch between us. “It’s good to hear.”

“Well.” Bryce grinned, and cupped my cheek. “I’ll make sure to tell you more often then. You should know, without a doubt. But it’s not just your looks though. You know that right? Talking with you is a treat. I think, together, we’re going to have a great life.”

My heart cracked, but not in a bad way. More like it was expanding, making room for this man standing in front of me. It might not an ideal situation, or the one that I dreamed of, but everything seemed to be lining up just as it was supposed to.

I lifted his hand and kissed the back of it.

“I think so, too. Let’s go get married.”

Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate. Here’s a little story for you. Enjoy!**

When you were raised like I was you ended up one of two ways. Either you got sucked into the chaos and continued to make bad decisions or you got yourself out and created your own stability. I’d done the latter. It had taken a lot of work, a lot of help, a lot of years, and ultimately going completely no contact before I’d managed it. But I was long separated from the boy I’d been.

A side effect of that, though, was my need for routine. For traditions of my own making. And when those things were challenged, it sent my world into a tailspin. It didn’t matter that logically I knew everything would be okay. That it would all work out and it didn’t matter if I didn’t have the right thing. I could make do and survive and it would all be fine. Anxiety didn’t care about logic. Panic disorder didn’t either.

After years of hard work and therapy, I’d very carefully cultivated my life. The people in it were my family, even if we weren’t related by blood. There wasn’t a lot of them, though the circle was growing as they found significant others and some of them started families. They all loved me just as much as I loved them, and they knew that I needed certain things to be a certain way in order to feel safe and happy.

The holidays were my thing. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, I was the one in charge. The rest of the year, I was fine to sit back and enjoy my friends. Let them do what they wanted. But the end of the year was mine. Those six weeks were my time to plan and celebrate. I didn’t have any sort of holiday growing up, and now I did everything possible to make it as picture perfect as possible.

Thanksgiving had been a smashing success, just as it always was, all my friends crammed into my tiny home, laughing and eating. I always planned my meal for noon so that those who had other families to visit had the time to do so. Everyone had been able to make it this year, so my heart had been filled. And it had set the tone for the season. The day after, I’d spent hours transforming my house into something that would make a Hallmark Christmas Movie proud.

My Christmas celebration was always on the Eve, a sort of open house party that lasted from five in the evening till the wee hours. Some of my friends had other obligations, but they stopped in for a bit at least to make merry. I’d been meticulously planning and preparing, because that one day brought me more joy alone then the rest of the year combined.

I’d been out doing some last minute grocery shopping. I needed to get the pies made tonight and get started on the cookies. Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, there would be more baking, and a pot of mulled cider on the stove, and all sorts of hor d’oeuvres made, so that people could snack and drink and enjoy themselves before we opened the White Elephant gifts, which were always nice and never a joke because I couldn’t handle embarrassment.

I put away the groceries, leaving out the cinnamon, flour, and Crisco and hand just pulled my apron over my head when my phone rang. Glad I wasn’t elbow deep in dough yet, I smiled as I answered my friend Jeremy’s call.

“Hey. What’s up?” I put it on speaker so I could get started and still talk to him. “If you’re calling to make sure I’m making the—”

“Anna’s in the hospital,” he interrupted and the bottom dropped out of my world. He was quick to continue. “She’s okay, but its her appendix, and she’s already out of surgery and doing fine but they aren’t going to release her till the morning and we won’t make it tomorrow.”

For a split second, I was disappointed that they wouldn’t be here, but it was so much more important that Anna was okay. “Of course, Jer. I’m so glad Anna’s okay. But she needs to rest and you need to take care of your wife.”

Jeremy blew out a breath. “Yes. Thank you. But I know how important—”

It was my turn to cut him off. “It is, but Anna is more important. I’ll make sure to pack up goodies, especially some of the apple pie for you, and someone will run them by your house tomorrow night. So you don’t miss out on the festivities and can just rest and relax and Anna can get better.”

“You’re the best.” Jer had sounded shaken when he first started talking but was better now, more calm. He took a deep breath.

“Don’t worry about a thing. And if you need anything else, you let me know okay? Give Anna a squeeze for me.”

“Will do. On both accounts. Talk to you later.”

The line went dead and I had to take a minute and just breathe. I was so glad that Anna was fine, but they’d never missed one of my parties. Not since I’d known them, having worked with Jeremy ten years ago and finding a kindred spirit. Even after we both moved on to different careers, we’d stayed in touch. So missing them tomorrow had put me off kilter, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Anna would make a full recovery and it would all be fine.

I had barely got my head back in the game when I heard an ominous creaking sound. I carefully set the mixer on the counter, then turned to look, trying to find where it was coming from. Another creak had me rounding the counter and heading into the living room. Everything looked fine. Just as I turned to head back, a loud snap and then I screamed as a limb from the oak in my backyard crashed through my bay window and toppled my Christmas tree.

My heart pounding, my breathing fast, I took in the damage. The obliterated window, the snow swirling inside, and the beautiful tree I’d spent two hours decorating lying in shambles on the hardwood. My vision went dark at the edges, and I couldn’t move air through my lungs. Somewhere in my hindbrain screamed panic attack but knowing what was happening didn’t help. I couldn’t breathe. Christmas was ruined. First Anna getting sick and now this and everything I had worked so hard…

The front door banged open but I couldn’t even move, paralyzed and panicking.

“Are you hurt?” I dimly recognized Bray’s voice. My next door neighbor, who usually had my complete attention whenever I saw him, had burst through. Normally, I hung on his every word. But now I couldn’t tear my eyes from the damage, and couldn’t move air through my lungs.

“Max!” Bray’s shout sounded panic, and then his big hands grabbed me and turned me. “Are. You. Hurt?”

I managed a shake of my head. “N-n-no. I was far enough…my house…Christmas…”

“Breathe, baby.” He pulled me in, squeezing me hard, so tight I almost couldn’t expand my chest to do was he instructed. But the deep tissue pressure was exactly what I needed to start regulating myself. “That’s it. Nice breaths. You’re okay. I got you.”

It took a while and then I was shivering. I didn’t know if it was from shock or from the cold air billowing in, but at least I was breathing. And though the panic was still hovering under the surface, it was no longer taking over.

“I heard it come down and when I looked, I saw what happened. But you’re okay, and we’re going to fix this. I’m not going to let your Christmas party get ruined. I know how important it is.” Bray’s voice was deep and soothing, and he smelled woodsy and clean, and his body was big and strong, surrounding me, keeping me safe.

“I can’t…I don’t…” I made myself take another breath, hold it, then let it out slowly. “Sometimes I…”

“I know. I know you better than you think I do. But we’ll fix this. You’re going to let me clean this up while you go back to baking, and get plywood up on the window, and I’ll get your tree put to rights. It’s going to be okay. You hear me?”

“Yeah. Thank you for coming to my rescue.”

“Always.” Bray gave me another squeeze and then slowly pulled back, making sure I was okay to stand on my own before he let me go completely. “I’m going to run back over to my place and get the plywood and my tools.”


“Then I’ll clean up the tree, get it standing again, and we can assess the damage and figure out what needs to be replaced.”

“Okay.” It was weird that I appreciated how much he was repeating himself. It reassured me that we had a plan.

“Do we have a plan?”

I managed a smile at that, considering it was exactly what I just thought. “Yes.”


Bray gave me one more assessing look, then sprinted out the door. He was back five minutes later, plywood and drill in hand, and it was only then that I realized something.

“Uh. Bray? You called me baby.”

He went still for a split second, but then continued on. “I did, yes.”

“There a reason for that?” Because we were friendly, and always talked when we saw each other. Even flirted a bit. But I was under the impression, from the few women I’d seen walking out of his house in the early hours, that he was straight. So I’d always thought it was harmless fun, even though I’d have jumped his bones in a second if he’d given me any real indication.

“There is, yes.”

Huh. Not what I expected. I’d thought he’d say it just slipped out in a the heat of the moment or something. Or say it was an accident. But that was not the case.

“And that reason is?”

“I need to fix your window and get your decorations put back together.” He took a breath. “But after that, maybe I can help you bake and we can talk about how I’m bisexual though I’ve never been with a man, and I have an adorable neighbor who makes my heart speed and my stomach flutter and really loves Christmas.”

I smiled then. “Yeah, we can do that.”

Bray grunted and got to work, and I left him to it so I could make pie crust. I was no longer on the verge of panic, because Bray was here to fix it and keep me from flying off into the ether. Maybe Christmas wasn’t ruined after all.


Mages and Mates

When I wrote that first flash fic for Gareth and Owen, I never expected this to turn into a whole thing. But it has. The world building has grown and expanded. Characters have taken on a life of their own. Stories have gotten more involved than I ever anticipated. I love spending time here with the characters I’ve created. And I love throwing them up on the blog.

But I also really want to see where these stories can go.

To that end, I’m going to self publish these stories. With the state of the publishing world for this genre such as it is, I’ve wanted to delve deeper into self-pubbing. So Gareth and Owen and Lane and Walker are going to get a professional polish, go through editing, get covers and new titles, and be available for a wider audience. I will be adding some new content, things that I’ve kept out of the stories to keep them SFW, as well as some additional development scenes.

My number 1 goal as an author is to provide enjoyable entertainment to readers. But this is also my career, and I have to think about that part of it as well. And while my original intent was to keep these stories free here on the site, ultimately this series has grown bigger than that. I hope everyone can understand that.

So what does that mean for stories here? The stories will remain available here on the blog until the end of the year. After that, I will be removing them so they can have a new home elsewhere. It is absolutely my intent that Aeron…and others…will get books as well. Just not here on the site.

But don’t worry. Because there will still be flash fics on Fridays here. Some of them will be actual one shots, some will probably be shorter serials. You’ll still get plenty of free content, I promise.


Out Now!

Looking for a new book? I’ve got one of those! It’s got the holiday feels and hurt/comfort and soft kink and friends to lovers and just all the good feels. And it’s a Landry’s Fall book to boot 🙂

Garrett Corrigan loves the holiday season. All the trappings, the lights, the festive spirit. But as the holiday cards start to arrive, it’s hard to see all the happy families and smiling faces. At thirty-eight, he thought he’d be sending those out himself, but instead, he’s alone. Again.

To make matters worse, his family has the tradition of taking photos in Christmas pajamas. The group photo isn’t bad, but when he has to stand by himself in pajamas that match no one else’s, he can’t help the sadness. Garret is made to be a partner, but he hasn’t yet found the person who will want to stay.

But then there’s Mason Mills. Garrett would have never asked his friend to pose as his boyfriend, but Mason has a different proposal. The attraction between them has always simmered in the background, and Mason take the opportunity to make his move. They agree to date for the holiday and see where things go. Garrett is shocked to learn that Mason long ago figured out that Garrett is submissive in the bedroom, and Mason pushes every one of his buttons. The move from friends to lovers, and Dom and sub, works so well, Garrett wishes they’d pursued something sooner.

The only sticking point is Garrett’s mother’s attitude, and Garrett’s anxiety keeps him from sharing all his thoughts. Mason is determined to show Garrett that nothing will come between them. With Mason’s unwavering support, this just might be Garrett’s best Christmas yet.

You can buy it here from the publisher (where it’s currently on sale!) or click here for a different retailer of your choice.

Enjoy and happy reading!


Advent Calendar

Do you like free books? JMS has got you covered!

An advent calendar makes it easy and fun, one free book a day. Just click here and you can download a surprise. A bunch of great books and authors are participating.

It starts today and goes through December 24th. Make sure you check in each day because they’re only free for that day!


The New Car Saga

Things tend to go badly for me. Not always, of course, but usually my luck doesn’t run so good. When I got into a car accident that ultimately totaled my car–a car that I loved–two weeks after replacing the water pump and 4 months after putting on new breaks, I thought it was more of that bad luck.

A little background for those who don’t know: I don’t actually like driving that much. I do it because I must, and I do it well. It’s everyone else on the road that’s terrifying. I am one of those cautious drivers who follows all the rules and doesn’t speed. Okay, sometimes I speed but never by much. And if I’m going somewhere with other people, I always get them to drive. But even though I don’t like driving so much, I love cars. Classics especially, but just cars in general. (And Chevys in particular. Pretty sure Chevy love is in my DNA. Or perhaps generational conditioning.)

Anyway, after my little Lola was deemed a total loss, and after we sorted out all that paperwork and I got the check and it cleared the bank…it was time to get a new car. So Saturday I took my sister and we went to look at cars. I knew what I wanted and how much I wanted to finance and for how long. And I was fairly certain we weren’t going to find that or it wasn’t going to work out (because my luck isn’t that good. And also I have generalized anxiety disorder so that makes me worry extra hard).

But the stars aligned. In a way they hardly ever do for me. The right car for the right price and low mileage. All the fancy amenities and perks she had were just a bonus. The right sales person who was full of stories and tattoos and LGTBQIA friendly. And the right time because they were able to give me same day delivery.

I went in at noon expecting to test drive a few cars and walk away with a better idea of what I wanted. I drove off the lot five and a half hours later in a 2020 Chevy Equinox that’s so fancy it makes my techy heart sing.

It wasn’t completely smooth sailing, as it took two trips home and back to the dealer for various things. But it wasn’t very far. And I had signed half the paperwork before I realized they had my middle initial wrong and they had to reprint all the paperwork.

She’s certainly not as gas efficient as my Sonic was. But she’ll be a heck of a lot better in Central New York winters, which was my big need when looking. The all wheel drive is a big plus. Plus there’s a lot of convenience features that just make driving nicer.
The automatic lift gate might be my favorite bonus, but there are a lot to choose from.

But when I say the stars aligned, I’m not kidding. It was a perfect storm of everything falling into place. I’ve probably used up all my good luck, but I’ll take it. Because now this chapter is done and I can put it behind me. And it’s a stressor gone from my life.


Mages and Mates

Do I need to tell you how much I enjoy reading and writing series again? No, I didn’t think so.

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that this is going to be a whole thing. When I wrote the first episode of Gareth and Owen, I had intended, whole-heartedly, for it to be a one shot. Literally just Gareth summoning his familiar and surprise, it’s a shifter instead! That was it. But it ended up being a whole-ass thing. A 13 part serial story. And in the process, of course, Aeron was there and obviously Lane.

So it’s not only a serial, but a series. I’m enjoying it so much I intend to continue. Because Aeron obviously needs his story. And then….well, maybe other people too. I like this world I created, and I love that I can just throw out episodes when the muse strikes (though I do try to be fairly consistent, barring life.)

So it’s a thing now. And it will continue to be a thing. We’re calling it the Mages and Mates series.

In that vein, I’ve done a few things to make navigation here easier. Somehow, in all the time I’ve spent here, updating and reorganizing and changing colors and themes and pictures et al…I’ve never noticed that the tags aren’t in the sidebar. So I fixed that. Now you can click on any one of those and it’ll take you to the fic or just the serials or any other tag. So that should make things a bit easier, even if they are in reverse order, so you’d have to scroll to bottom to start at the beginning.

I’ve also gone through and made sure both serials are ALSO tagged with the Mages and Mates tag. And that all the other tags are correct as well. While I know the categories are helpful when searching, the tags are even more specific, so hopefully that helps as well.

So continue to enjoy the stories and the series and I’ll keep writing!


New Release!

Crystal Clear is out in the world!

With everything going on, I missed actual release day. *hangs head in shame* But the sequel to The 12th Witch is out now. You can get it here from the publisher (with a discount!) or click here if another platform is your preferred method.

You definitely need to read The 12th Witch first, so if you haven’t gotten it yet, then I suggest you start there. But if you’re looking for continuing love, Samhain, and just a bit of drama, make sure you check this out!

Sequel to The 12th Witch

Justin Trews lucked out when he found Cole Demauro and the coven he’s joined. He’s still working through his trauma, but he now knows what it’s like to be supported and cared for. His magic is thriving, and so is he. And of course, dating Cole has proven to be the best part. The past three months have been the happiest of his life.

When the veil is the thinnest, Justin experiences Samhain as it is meant to be. It’s a far cry from how he celebrated in the past. With the coven gathered, he participates in the ritual to honor the dead and the end of the harvest season. His magic is full and so is his heart.

But when Justin’s past rears it’s ugly head, he’s faced with dealing with his family. Old hurts run deep and insecurities resurface. Its hard not to feel like a burden and an imposition. With his coven behind him, and Cole’s love buoying him up, Justin finds the strength not only to confront his family but to rely on his coven for help. And when the dust settles, Justin has taken great strides toward healing. Now Justin needs to show Cole just how much he loves him.