Meant To Be  (click title to download PDF)

Christian thought he’d met his forever man, but when opportunity strikes, Tyler walks away without a backward glance.  Heartbroken, Christian tries to move on.  But fate keeps bringing the men together, and Christian takes that leap back into a relationship with Tyler.  When Tyler admits the reason that he walked away all those years ago, Christian finds it easier to forgive than he thought.  But rebuilding the trust is a process.  Can Christian and Tyler really find their happily ever after?

A Chance Worth Taking  (click title to download PDF)

Adam has the chance of a lifetime. He’s finally been asked to buy in as a partner at his law firm. But before he can do that, he knows he needs to tell his boss, Ezra, the truth. Adam has been in love with Ezra for years. But telling Ezra might mean losing everything Adam has ever wanted. Now he needs to decide if it’s a chance worth taking.

Alex and Matt (click title to download PDF)

The compilation of flash fics following the heroes of Hero Worship.

(If you would like these stories in a different format, please contact me directly)

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