Looking Back: Hero Worship

**Looking back is a series here where I take a meander down memory lane and talk about my past books. I’ll bring insight to the inspiration behind the story and what the writing process was like. Hope you enjoy!**

Today we’re talking about Hero Worship and not just because it was the second title I published. Alex was my first bisexual MC, so he has a special place in my heart. I wrote him before I even admitted to anyone out loud that I, too, was bisexual. In fact, I was still thinking of myself as mostly straight at that point, not really giving myself the room to accept my own identity.

This story came from a sub call (you’ll notice a pattern as we go through the series, and if you’ve followed along for any length of time, you know how much I love submission calls) for an anthology featuring medical professionals. I remember thinking I definitely didn’t want to write a doctor, because so many romance heroes are doctors. I contemplated a nurse, because they don’t get enough credit. But then, thinking about who didn’t get enough credit, I landed on paramedic. I wanted something a little different, especially because I didn’t think there’d be many submissions with paramdeics for the call.

With this story, the first thing that came to mind was the opening scene. More specifically, that Alex’s name would be screamed by the bride, and Alex would, in fact, rush to the rescue to help someone going into anaphylaxis. That his calmness and competency would save the day. From there I had to flesh out the characters. Who was Alex Sullivan? Who was the bride to him? And who was Matthew Carter?

It became apparent very quickly to me what Alex’s hang-ups were going to be. Matt was nine years younger than he was, but more than that, Matt has always had an apparent case of hero worship when it came to Alex. Alex is determined not to take advantage of that. To keep Matt at arm’s length and to keep things platonic.

Matt, of course, has other things in mind. Namely that he knows Alex’s heart is a good one, and that he wants nothing more than to be Alex’s forever. Their story is not without bumps, and has the traditional romance story beats—including the big miscommunication that I actively avoid in most stories these days—but in the end, they get their happily ever after.

This book required very little research on my part, as the medical part was the only part not made up by me, and I have a ridiculous knowledge of medical things. (Someday, I should do a post about how and why I know so much medical stuff.) But I did need to ask a few questions of a paramedic I know, and read an article or two on epinephrine, just to make sure I had my facts straight. But since I love the research part of writing, none of that was a hardship.

This was another book where the words flowed rather easily. My beta at the time had some good suggestions to help, and one of my favorite scenes toward the end was also their favorite scene. In fact, the one thing that was the most important to me in that scene was the thing they picked up on and loved too, so that made me extra happy. It was important to me, and the story, that Matt didn’t forgive Alex too easily for running. At least, not until he was sure that Alex had really learned from it. In the end, I was super happy with this story and Alex and Matt’s journey.

In fact, these two left such an impression on me that they ended up getting 5 flash fics here on the blog continuing their story. Which you can also get as a downloadable PDF. It was also one of the first stories I republished when the press that shall not be named took their fuckery to a new level and I got all my titles back. Because I love these guys so much, and I love the love they’ve gotten from readers. As I said, Alex has a special place in my heart as the first bi MC I wrote, and he was the one that gave me courage to not only express myself but to continue to write bi guys. Nowadays, almost always at least one of my MCs is bi.

You can find buy links here, as well as links to the free shorts. Just scroll down to the title. And if you want your own copy of the companion shorts, click here.

5 thoughts on “Looking Back: Hero Worship”

  1. Excellent memories. I personally don’t mind the miscommunication trope, I don’t know who came up with these BS rules as to what a writer can and cannot do but I call foul. Anyway, thanks for the memories


    1. Oh anyone can like it if they do. I just personally am not a big fan. I like communication better! Lol.

      It was a fun jaunt. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😘


      1. Okay but why? I need a better explanation other than I don’t like it. Because are you saying that people don’t have misunderstandings and lack of communication in real life? And that doesn’t cause real relationship problems? Because I’d beg to differ. Sometimes the so-called simple things can cause issues. Not everyone sits down and has a conversation. Every plot problem can’t be that an evil shape shifter is after the hero and that’s the issue. Sometimes it’s because the boyfriend of the hero knows the evil shape shifter and has a history with them and never bothered to tell hero before it became something LOL


        1. Of course not. Miscommunication absolutely happens and I’m all for that in regards to a growing relationship.

          What I’m specifically referring to is that being the whole point of the “black moment” in romance. And the reason it irritates me is because it often doesn’t fit the story. It’s too contrived or over the top. Or worse it doesn’t fit the characters and we’re just supposed to believe this one thing is enough to make them call it quits? And afterward the resolution is often too quick and I’m left feeling that if that miscommunication was enough to have them ending things, then how can I be expected to believe that *now* a conversation or a grand gesture is enough to have everything perfect again?

          Also, to be clear, I’m talking more full length stories. A short story can hinge on that or even a flash. But it’s a lot more irritating in a novella or novel when they’ve been building a relationship and all these other things have happened and then a lack of communication over something is the lynch pin to have it all come tumbling down.

          And I’m not saying it can *never* work. Just that most of the time, I’d rather see communication instead. Perhaps after a quick cool down and some thought. But give me the talking.


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