Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

“He looks ridiculous and I feel guilty as hell,” I muttered into the phone as we entered the yard.  I had gotten it into my head that now that I was a home owner, I had to have a dog in order to complete the picture.  The gate swung closed with a creak behind me, nearly drowning out my mother’s throaty chuckle.

“Its part of being a responsible pet owner,” she said gently.  “Rufus doesn’t care that he’s been neutered.”
“I care, Ma!” I shouted.  The neighbor startled at my loudness but I waved a hand and returned my attention to my conversation, my voice a little quieter, “I took him to that place and they hacked off his balls!”
She laughed again.  My mother was awesome.  When I had come out, she’d barely blinked an eye.  When I had told her I was moving out and into my own home, she’d cried like a baby and helped me pack.
“Casey, honey, I promise.  Your dog really doesn’t care.  You only do because you’re thinking how you would feel if it happened to you.”
I gave an involuntary yelp and covered my crotch with my free hand, letting Rufus’s lead fall from my hand.  There was a second of panic that he was free, but the yard was fenced and the gate was closed.  He set about sniffing the yard, trying to see around the cone.  I had to laugh at his antics and that settled some of my feelings.  I hung up with my mother with a smile and turned to find Rufus.
The neighbor was still staring into the yard and I realized I still had my hand cupped over my groin.  I dropped my hand quickly and turned about seventy shades of red.  He grinned and I nearly groaned.  Oh he was pretty.  How had I not noticed him before?  I knew he had just moved in but…damn.  He was beautiful.
“Cute dog,” the neighbor called.
I nodded and muttered, “He’s got no balls.”
Pretty neighbor let out a raucous laugh and I felt the embarrassment sweep up my neck again.  Jesus, what was wrong with me?  Faced with a beautiful man and suddenly I lost my filter.
“You still have yours though, right?” he called with a salacious grin.
What?  I choked.  “What?”
He chuckled.  “Maybe you should let me come over and make sure that yours are still intact, hm?”
Oh.  Oh yes.  Yes please.  I grinned and picked up Rufus’s lead, walking back to the house with a little extra wiggle in my hips.  I left the front door wide open.

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