Switching Gears

So I got myself all worked up into a mess thinking about the whole plot thing. But I got totally stuck. I mean, the title and the basic plot point still work. Those two things do not have to change.  Also the characters, who are deliciously perfect together, can stay exactly as they are. The rest of it though? That’s another matter entirely. I need to rework everything and as I forced my focus and desperately thought, I found myself getting further and further away from any sort of workable plot.

The thing is, I really wanted to work on this story next. I was in the right head space and the guys were talking to me. So I was hoping that I’d be able to rework the plot and go to town. Get this story in the works and start getting on the page. But instead, the story became even more elusive and I had no choice but admit defeat. Temporary defeat, that is.

This story is temporarily on the shelf. Believe me when I tell you these guys are going to be great once I finally know their story. But for now, I have to put them away.

Instead, I’m shifting focus and switching gears. I’m working on something else instead, something that’s been in the pipeline and that a couple of people have told me they are waiting for. I’ve broken ground on Alex and Spencer’s story. Something Like Want is in the works.

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