Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Dan and Vincent have stopped by to show what happens next!  You can find buy links in the book tab, if you haven’t read their story yet. Of course, you can probably enjoy this story anyway whether you’ve read Something Like Peace or not :D**

The house in Oak Harbor was one of my favorite places in the world. Filming had kept me busy, so even though I was close, I hadn’t seen Vincent in weeks. I was anxious for the break in shooting, and even more eager to see my boyfriend.

The phone, a toy, and Vincent’s commanding voice only went so far.

The moment I crossed over Deception Pass bridge, I started to relax as the peace suffused my body. It was always better on the island, and I knew I wasn’t far from the west beach and Vincent’s home. By the time I pulled into the driveway, the tension that had been coiling in my muscles for weeks was gone. I grabbed my duffle and practically sprinted onto the porch. I used my key in the lock, and called for Vincent the moment I stepped into the house.

I was answered with complete silence. There wasn’t even a bark.  No Vincent. No Valentine.

I took a deep breath and tried to ward off any panic. Maybe they were out for a walk. I ignored that part of my brain telling me that Valentine was very particular and regular as clockwork, and that this wasn’t the usual time for his walk. I stamped down the fear and headed straight for the office at the back of the house.

And nearly wept with relief when I saw Vincent completly absorbed at his computer, working on the movie.

His headphones were on and he didn’t even notice me. He was completely engrossed with what was on the screen. He’d been working on the film for months, editing and producing himself. He’d even collaborated with an old friend to score it. Talking With Ghosts was still months away from completion, but he was making progress.

I didn’t care how long it took. He looked better than he ever had. A healthy glow seemed to permeate his skin, and he was happier and smiling more than he ever had. Even the stressors he experienced were less and easily dealt with. Vincent was in a good, healthy place and that made me happier than anything in the world.

Carefully I backed out of the room. I wanted hugs and kisses, more if I were honest, but I knew we had time. We’d spent Christmas apart and with our respective families, because we both felt it was best. We’d only truly been together for a couple of months. But even though I’d rushed back to be with him the moment he returned to Oak Harbor, we had a couple of weeks before I needed to return to set. I’d still be getting my kiss at midnight.

I found Valentine on the sun porch, and he, at least, was thrilled to see me. Dog kisses couldn’t replace human ones, but they were welcome nonetheless.

I wasn’t even aware I’d fallen asleep on the wicker lounge until a very human body covered my own, and warm, passionate kisses stole me from sleep. I was hugging Vincent to me before I was even fully awake.

“How long have you been here?” He asked, kissing along my jaw to my ear. I was prepared for the nip on the lobe, but I couldn’t stop the shiver.

“No idea,” I answered. I arched my chin back to give him better access. “A while.”

Suddenly, Vincent grabbed my wrists and pinned them beside my head. He ground his hips against me, and I writhed in his hold. I loved it when he got like this.

“Next time you interrupt.” It was a commanded and I agreed fast.

Vincent grinned wolffishly, then kissed me long and hard. I was panting by the time he pulled back, and when he stood and held out his hand, I was quick to take it. I wanted him more now than I ever had before, and it was easy to follow him to the bedroom that I now thought of as ours.

Later, pleasantly sore and sated, wrapped around Vincent’s warm body, I remembered to look at the clock. We still had about an hour to go, but I thought I could say it anyway.

I kissed the nape of his neck then whispeeeed into his skin, “Happy new year, sweetheart.”

Vincent grunted and rolled over, and I saw the quirk to his lips. But all he said was “I love you.”

It was all I needed to hear.