Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Enjoy a little snippet out of Dan and Vincent’s life.  They are settling in well together, but that doesn’t mean the physical distance between them doesn’t take it’s toll.**

I’d had a lot of men in my life.  Some for just a night.  Some for longer.  One I’d even had for six years, before he decided he wanted to live the life of a celibate monk.  And I’d always been content with that, enjoying my boyfriend of the moment, until life pulled us apart.  I didn’t need to promise forever.  I didn’t need a companion.  That’s why I got a dog, and Valentine was my biggest love anyway.

Until Dan.

The first time I saw him, I was taken aback by just how gorgeous he was.  Big, brawny, beautiful, he pushed every one of my buttons.  I also knew he was straight, so I never allowed myself to even entertain the thought of having him.  Until that day in the conference room, when his inattention had landed him in hot water.  I’d called him in to ream him out because that never happened on my set.  But he’d pushed back, and when he kissed me, I was lost.  From that moment on, he was mine, even if it took us both some time to realize it.  When it got to the point where I was done playing games, ready for forever, I was fairly certain he was ready too.  Didn’t matter if he wasn’t, because I wasn’t letting him go.  Fortunately, when I’d put myself on the line, he’d been right there with me.

I tried to show him these days how much he meant to me.  But I knew he was feeling the separation.  After spending New Year’s together, Dan had to head back to Seattle to start filming.  And since I was still painstakingly editing the film I was trying to produce, I was taking a hiatus from directing and living full time in the house in Oak Harbor.  Dan hadn’t said it out loud, but I knew he wanted me to come back to Seattle with him.  At least for a bit.  But I’d purposefully ignored the hints, and he’d headed back to the mainland.  And I’d barely heard from him since.

It wasn’t like Dan to completely shut me out.  We argued like any normal couple.  There were things we were going to disagree about.  It was inevitable.  And there were times when it carried over, and Dan gave me the silent treatment.  But only when we were in the same house.  When we were apart, both of us made the effort to stay connected.  So the sporadic phone calls were starting to get concerning.  Especially since I hadn’t heard from since last night.  I’d left him three messages, and he hadn’t bothered to acknowledge one all day.  I was equal parts angry and worried, and I was going to chew him out once I finally got a hold of him.

I called him yet again, my fingers drumming impatiently on my thigh.  He answered on the second ring.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he said, his voice ragged like he’d been gargling gravel.  “Every time I thought I’d get a break today, that little fucker interrupted and I just now got home.”

He sounded wrecked, and my anger started dissipating.  I tried for soothing.  “What happened?”

“Avery fucking Lang, that’s what happened.”  I heard a thump that sounded suspiciously like a fist into the wall.  “He’s so fucking full of himself and this is the third fucking time this season he’s been in to direct.  Since someone decided to take a few months off, we’ve had to make do with directors we don’t usually have to deal with too often.  But oh no.  Lang is taking every episode he can, and running us fucking ragged in the mean time.  We went over by four fucking hours today, because he had us doing, and I’m not even joking, a hundred and seventeen takes of the same fucking scene.  I just now got home and walked in the door.  I swear to God, that man is on a goddamn ego trip and I fucking hate working with him.”

He took a deep breath, and I knew his rant was over.  “So you had a pretty bad day huh?”

“The worst,” Dan said, with a small chuckle.  Then he gave a soft sigh. “Wish you were here.”

“I am.”

There was a beat of silence, and then an incredulous snort.  “What?”

“Come into the bedroom.”

I heard him running, and then he burst through the doorway before stopping dead and staring at me.  I turned off my phone and tossed it on the bedside table.  Dan continued to stare.  I stood up and opened my arms.  It broke the spell, and he was suddenly there, gathering me into his arms and pressing my face against his neck.  I loved that he was bigger than I was, but that he let me have control over him.  I kissed him long and hard, until he was panting and then I pulled back to give him a soft smile.

“Strip and get on the bed,” I commanded quietly.

His face fell, and he took a step back.  “Vincent, I’m sorry but I just don’t think…I mean right now…later I’ll–”

I cut him off with a hard kiss.  “I’m not going to fuck your beautiful ass right now.  We’ll save that for the morning.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t make you feel better.  Strip and get on the bed.”

He did, all the while shooting me curious glances.  Once he was face down, I slid out of my clothes quickly and then grabbed the bottle of warming lube from the bedside table and straddled his ass.  My dick perked up, because I had my gorgeous boyfriend underneath me, but I was old enough to ignore it.  Instead, I spread some of the slick stuff between my palms, and then started at his lower back, rubbing and pressing hard to work out the tight knots.  After a few minutes, Dan breathed out a harsh breath.  And then his groans and grunts filled the air as I massaged all the tension out of his back and shoulders until he was a pile of content goo below me.

I kissed his nape, and then bit his shoulder lightly, before I rolled off him.

“Feel better?” I whispered.

“Mmmm.  Yes,” he mumurmed.  One of those dark brown eyes cracked open.  “You’re the awesomest boyfriend ever.”

I smirked.  “I really am.  I’ll order us some pizza, and we’ll eat.  Then we’ll see how your ass feels about greeting my cock properly.”

Dan’s chuckle was low and wicked.  But all he said was “Pizza isn’t very heart healthy.”

“Maybe not.  But sex is excellent exercise.”  I grinned, and then added, a little more seriously, “You always take care of my heart.”

His smile was beautiful and sweet.  “Love you too.”

Yeah, I knew he did.