I have atrocious handwriting. Especially when I’m going fast. But that doesn’t keep me from writing story notes out longhand. Sometimes I just have to get the idea down or I’ll lose it. Sometimes pen and paper is the only medium available to me. And sometimes it’s just cathartic to write things out and get it down on the page. (Even if I can’t always read what I wrote and I end up sending pics to people who know me well, asking what it says)

Yesterday at work I had some, er well ahem, downtime. And so I made some notes. A lot of notes. I detailed the next three chapters in scene snippets. And wrote a couple sentences about the two chapter after that, just so I would know the main plot point of those chapters. And when all was said and done I felt pretty good about where this story is going.

The thing is, I see it very clearly. About where these guys are going and how they are falling in love. But I’m not quite to the halfway point in the story and I’m struggling with the internal drive to sit down and write. Everything else seems to take precedence. And I let it.

Truth is, there about seven chapters and 16k words to go (roughly guessing by my past style) and I know, I know, that if I just sat down and got to it, I could get it done.

I’m thinking a sequester is in my near future. And that would be awesome.