I was nervous when I first submitted Worth It for consideration.

I was nervous while waiting to hear whether or not it would be accepted.

I was nervous after I knew it had been accepted and I was waiting for edits.

I was nervous doing the edits.

I was nervous during all the little extra bits that go along with being a first time author.

This whole process has been nerve wracking.  Incredibly exciting.  A dream come true.  But nerve wracking.

But nothing compares to this last stretch waiting for the story to be released.  Just six more days and my first published story will be out there.  I wonder if other authors have experienced this same thing with the first time their stories were about to be out there in the world.  I wonder if this feeling will ever go away.  I’m constantly bouncing back and forth between sheer, overwhelming excitement and unmitigated, unadulterated terror.

Six days, and it’ll be available for public consumption.  I’m terribly nervous.  I do hope a few people like it.