A Few Words

It seems that the way to mitigate the nerves is to work on new stuff.  At least, that’s what’s currently working for me.  Sunday will be here when it gets here–I have yet to develop the power to speed up time, though I assure you, I’ve been working on it–and there’s nothing I can do to change that.  In the meantime, I’m plotting out a new story.  Except, the thing is, I can’t figure out if it’s one big story…or two short ones.  There are times when it seems like two different tales.  And there are times when they kind of converge and mingle together, the story lines intertwined and the characters becoming the same people.  And before I can get anything on the page, I need to figure that out.

I’m also plotting the next book in the series, that will follow Postcards.  At the moment, I have three different sets of MCs and their stories. I like series.  I think in series.  I have no idea if it will actually work out, not at this point.  But I have the boys and they are talking.  I just have to see if they have stories worth telling.   

And I’m dithering over editing Postcards.  I’ve barely read past the first couple of chapters and have only made a few small changes and fixes thus far.  I’m not sure what has me so nervous about reading it through.  Except, of course, I’m afraid of it sucking.  And afraid that if it does suck, I won’t be able to fix it. I need to just section off some time and read it through.  And then I’ll know.

Worth It is out on Sunday, December 1st.  Tune in here on Friday November 29th for a glimpse into the lives of the main characters, Jack and Ryan, before Worth It takes place.  And keep tuning in for Flash Fic Fridays to see what happens next!

Enjoy the holiday, for those who celebrate it.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Hanukkah!