Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**How about a visit with Dan and Vincent?  I love these guys, I really do.  I hope you do too.  Also a little bit NSFW!**

“Does Vincent have a problem with the speculation?”

“Who? What?” I asked Aaron absently.  My mind was on searching for my  e-reader.  I knew I had brought it to set, and I wanted to shove it in my bag and get home.  My boyfriend was waiting for me.

“Vincent,” Aaron repeated patiently from where he was leaning against the door to my dressing room.  He’d wandered by a few minutes ago and casually shut the door behind him.  I hadn’t thought anything of it because he did that all the time.  “Does he have a problem with all the tabloids and gossip sites and fan forums talking about how you and I are so very in love?”

The last was said with a heavy dose of sarcasm that made me laugh.  “Nope.  He doesn’t pay attention to that shit.  And even if he did, he knows better than to believe any of it.”

I didn’t register the few beats of heavy silence until Aaron spoke, his voice laced with hurt.  “My boyfriend knows better than to believe it, too.”

Ah crap.

“I’m sorry, Aaron,” I said sincerely.  “I didn’t mean to imply anything with that.  I know you’d never cheat on him.  You’re not built that way.”

Aaron’s quick smile let me know I was forgiven.  “Sorry.  Touchy subject.”  He let out a deep sigh.  “He’s always going on about it.  So grumpy and pissed off that people are talking about it.  And I don’t always handle it well, so I was hoping you had some advice.”

I thought about that a moment, finally finding what I was looking for and shoving it into my bag.

“Knowing you and him?” We were both careful not to say Lucas’s name, even though we were in the privacy of my dressing room.  It wasn’t exactly a secret they were dating, because they weren’t as subtle as they thought, but they didn’t advertise and Lucas wasn’t out.  “You just need to let him be possessive and rant.  He’s frustrated because he can’t claim you publicly.  But if you let him get that out, and then remind him that you’re his, he’ll be fine.”

Aaron’s grin was wicked.  “Oh I can remind him all right.”  He let out a dirty chuckle, and then turned to leave.  “Thanks, D.”

“Anytime, A.”

As soon he was gone, I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door.  Vincent had come in from Oak Harbor early that morning, but I’d already left for makeup call by the time he arrived. He’d let me know he and Valentine were safely ensconced in my duplex, and it had made the day all the much harder to get through.  I hadn’t seen him for three weeks and four days, and I was desperate to get my hands on him.

I didn’t speed on the way home, but it was a near thing.  I was anxious to get home to him.  Being apart just plain sucked, and I wished we could do something about that.  But right now it wasn’t possible.  At least he was still working on the movie and not traipsing around the country directing.  With him only a few hours away, we could see each other more often than if he was farther away.  Still, I missed him.

The minute I had the car parked, I turned off the engine, grabbed my bag, and ran into the house, barely remembering to hit the button on the key fob to lock the car.  I heard it chirp as I pushed open the front door, and with all the flair of a 60’s sitcom, yelled out, “Honey, I’m home!”

Valentine came running, tail wagging furiously and gave a happy bark before he barreled into my thighs and demanded pets.  I rubbed his silky red fur absently, looking around for Vincent, expecting him to be right behind his dog.  But he was nowhere to be seen.  I didn’t get nervous when this happened anymore.  At least not much.  But I still had expected him to be as anxious to see me as I was to see him.  When another minute passed and he still hadn’t appeared, I gently nudged Valentine to the side and went in search of him.

“Vincent?” I called.

“In here,” he responded from the direction of the kitchen.  He sounded tense to me, and when I stepped through the doorway, and saw his mottled red face and clenched jaw, my heart started to pound.  There was no mistaking the anger and I had to bite my tongue to remind him to keep calm.  Whatever was on the screen in front of him was pissing him off royally.

“Whatcha doin?” I asked softly, making my tone light and playful.

“Oh, you know,” he said, the anger evident in his tone.  “Just checking out these links Lucas sent me.”

It took a second for the dots to connect but when they did, I closed my eyes and stifled a groan.  Ever since Lucas had played assistant director on Vincent’s movie, they’d enjoyed a closer friendship.  It helped because Lucas was my closest friend and I was glad he and my lover got along.  But I never expected Lucas to bother Vincent with these kinds of things.  Of course, I’d also thought Vincent didn’t care about who said what.  Apparently, I was wrong.

“Vincent,” I began, trying to soothe.

He turned his turbulent brown eyes on me.  “Where the fuck do they get off, saying these things?  These people talk like they know you and Aaron.  Some swear they have inside information.”

“Honey,” I tried to interrupt when he drew a breath.

“This one!” Vincent jabbed at the screen.  “This one says that the times we’ve been seen together were a front!  That it was a carefully designed marketing ploy to throw the public off so that you could continue your secret affair.”

I could see that there was no talking to him.  Not when he was in this state.  So I did the only thing I could do.  I strode across the kitchen, pushed his chair back from the table, dropped to my knees in front of him, and started undoing his pants.

“Dan?” he choked out, a little bit shocked.

“It’s all lies,” I said simply as I got his zipper open and reached in to fish out his dick.  It was half hard and getting harder.  I pumped with my hand, then swiped the head with my tongue before looking up at him.  His pupils were blown, and he was breathing hard, but I knew now it was all from lust and not from anger. “You know that.  I know that.  So does Lucas.  Why do we give a fuck what people say?  I could be doing this in a stadium full of people, and there would still be eye witnesses claiming it was faked.”

He grabbed my head, and pulled my mouth over his cock, though he didn’t force it in.  “You will not do this where anyone but me can see.”

I didn’t bother to answer.  My mouth was full.  Besides,the taste of him was as intoxicating as ever and I wouldn’t be satisfied until he came down my throat.  I went to work, sucking, laving, licking, kissing, until he was boneless in the chair and panting raggedly.  I kept glancing up so I could see his face, and then he clutched my head tightly and groaned my name.  I relaxed my throat and tapped his hip.  That was all he needed to fuck my mouth hard.  And it only took him a few thrusts before he was pouring cum down my throat.

When he was done, I pulled back and tried not to smirk smugly at his sated expression.  He rolled his eyes, then grabbed my face and bent at the same time he pulled me forward.  He kissed me long and thoroughly, his tongue sweeping through all the recesses of my mouth.  He loved to kiss me after I blew him.  He said he loved the taste of himself in my mouth.  I was just as happy to oblige him.

He finally pulled back.  I grinned and held onto his wrists.

“I’m yours,” I said firmly.  “Fuck everybody else.”

Vincent’s grin was huge.  “Yep.  Love you, too.  Now get up and get your ass to the bedroom.  By the time I make you a desperate, gibbering mess, I’ll be ready to fuck you so hard you’ll see stars.”

I scrambled to comply, and loved the sound of his deep chuckle following me.  He was all I needed, and he knew it.  I couldn’t be happier.

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