Chekhov’s Gun

I just realized that Daniel Jacobs is Chekhov’s gun.

You know the principle, right?  You show the gun in the first act, give a glimpse of it in the second act to remind the audience, and then use it in the third act.  Dan was introduced in the first book, I purposely put him in some key scenes in the second book so that readers would remember he exists, and then he finally gets his romance in the third book.

Okay, so it’s probably a lose interpretation of the dramatic principle.  But it still applies.  If you read all three books.

Now each book in the series stands alone.  You can read any of them without prior knowledge, and you’ll still get all the information you need.  There was a line I walked when writing the second and third books to give the reader everything they needed to know, without getting too repetitive for any reader who had read previous books.  I think I did okay.

So whether you read all three books, or jump right into the last one, if we’re going with the Chekhov’s Gun analogy, then this is the book where Dan goes off.

And he does it in spectacular fashion.

Something Like Peace released December 13th from Amber Allure.  Watch this space for buy links.

5 thoughts on “Chekhov’s Gun”

    1. I do too! It’s actually named for Russian playwright Anton Chekhov who is quoted with naming the principle in the first place. But I thought it was very fitting his name is Anton too! LOL


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