Titling Peace

From the moment the series expanded from one book into three, I knew there was the potential for more.  I can’t remember at what point I decided Vincent was going to get his own story.  I knew when I went past the original trilogy, that Vincent’s story would be Peace.  Always.  From that first conception.  It’s funny how little the Vincent side of the story changed, and how drastically Dan’s did.  And because so little of Vincent’s story changed, Peace still fit. And because Dan’s changed so much, Peace fit even better for him than what I was originally envisioning.

Funny how these imaginary guys were meant to be together.  I was too blind to see it, too focused on what I thought should happen, the plots I had, to see what was a much better story. (Thank God for my subconscious and the Admiral!)

So even though the story came out of my brain, and I worked at it to make it what it is, I really think that it was the story that was supposed to happen all along.  All those other incarnations were just so very wrong, and once I let go of what should be, the real story emerged.  Dan and Vincent are entitled to their Peace, and I’m so glad that they got it.

On Sunday, you can see how they got there.

Fun Fact: the reason the series is set in Seattle is because of a major plot point in the original plot for Dan’s story.  It no longer matters, because that plot is so long gone, but if not for that, Hope and the subsequent stories would have taken place in my version of Vancouver.