‘Tis the Season

For holiday Flash Fics!

Okay, so here’s the scoop:

See, normally when I have a release, the following 3 or 4 Fridays have flash fics that feature the new guys so everyone can see a little bit of what happens next.  I love writing those fics, and I love exploring my boys’ continuing lives.

Something Like Peace releases on December 13th.  I’m so super excited to share this story with you, and I hope you love these guys as much as I do.  (I love all my boys, every one of them, but these two really and truly have a special place in my heart)  And usually, the following Friday the 18th would be their first fic.  But it’s not going to happen.  Their continuing saga will begin the first Friday of the new year, January 1st,  and continue on from there.

Why am I putting them off for two weeks?  Well that’s a great question!  And the answer is: we’ve got something else going on this December.

Last week, we met two guys who were having a rough start to their holiday season.  A fight led to hurt feelings, and a tender and heartfelt apology started the healing process.  When I wrote it, I honestly thought it was a one-off.  A standalone flash.  I mean, the guys didn’t even have names!  But there was more to the story, and I want to tell it.  So join me in following along on the rest of Garret and Andrew’s holiday journey.  Tune in tomorrow for Episode 2…and if you missed it, you can read Episode 1 here.