Seeing Vincent

The very first time I put Vincent on the page, he wasn’t much of anything.  He just kind of jumped on there as a no-nonsense guy, whom everybody wanted to please, and who got shit done efficiently.  That first time, when I wrote him, I thought maybe we’d see him again in the book, coming in to direct another episode.  And then the book turned into a series, and when he showed up again, I knew we’d been seeing a lot more of him.  I knew, one day, Vincent would have his own story.  I never thought he’d fall in love with Dan.

Here’s the thing, and I know I’ve at least mentioned it before, Vincent looks like someone in my life.  And once I put that face on the character, I couldn’t shake it.  Which is not a bad thing. Trust me, Vincent is hot.  But I had plans for him that didn’t include Dan.  He had a different love.  Until that dream, where Vincent was with Dan, and a discussion with the Admiral made it all crystal clear.

And then I had to convey Vincent solely through Dan’s perception.  We only see Vincent how Dan does (which is pretty much how I see him, I’ll admit) and I had to attempt to show all the sides of him.  I tapped into a few of his real life counterparts personality traits as well, but made them solely Vincent’s so he is a wholly a construct of my mind.  And with the dash of reality mixed in, I think I have a pretty great character.  I hope I did him justice on the page.  I want you all to love him as much as I do.  As much as Dan does.

And you can watch Dan fall in love with Vincent on December 13th!