Something Like Plots

The Admiral and I were talking the other night (as we often do) and the conversation turned toward my writing (as it often does). I had to remind him of something I plan for the future, which I don’t expect him to remember, and it devolved into this whole other thing where he wanted titles, plots, and characters for the upcoming books. 

So I gave it to him. 

See, in my head I knew the titles and could recite a plot summary paragraph. And I already have the book I’m working on and the next book roughly plotted. But the two after that were just nebulous plot summaries in my head. 

Yes. 2. Caught that, did you?  

The Something Like series has grown. Right now, it stands at 5 stories. And I intend for them all to make it to the page. Eventually. 

Could there be more?  Maybe. We shall see. Right now I’m working on Something Like Trust and I need to take things one step at a time. But knowing what comes next? That helps me get what I’m writing now right. So I’m glad to have my plot summary sheet to guide me. 

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