Bubble Vacuum

Sometimes, I wish I existed in a vacuum.  Or maybe a bubble.  Perhaps a vacuum-sealed bubble?  Mostly what I’m referring to here is to just be…isolated from the real world.  Because that real world has a really bad habit of intruding on my life.  Of getting in the way.

And I let it.

So life has been happening for the last couple of weeks, and I was caught up in it.  And even when I wasn’t, I was letting things slide.  There is much drama at the day job, and that’s been trickling over into the rest of my consciousness.  So I keep saying I need to relax and decompress.  Which is true in a lot of ways.  But even when it wasn’t, I was still saying it and letting it get in the way.

So, as you can imagine, I haven’t written much.  Hardly anything at all since my big awesome sequester.  I let it slide.  I used excuses.  I was stuck and I knew it, lost a little enthusiasm and drive.  I love these guys, but my confidence was shaky.  And I let real life sneak in and take over for a while.

I got called on it.  And that’s what I needed.  Because in a couple of hours this past weekend, I managed to make a fair bit of progress and get a bunch of words on the page.

This upcoming weekend, my sister and I are having another one of our Sistertime Weekends away.  And that’s going to be awesome and all the decompressing I need.  I have stuff I need to get done this week in preparation of that and I’m scheduling in some time with the words as well.

Something Like Hope releases in about two weeks.  And since I’m working on the sequel, Something Like Trust, and since I don’t want you to have to wait too long before you can read it, I’m determined to get it done.  I have a date goal in mind, and I fully intend to have a completed first draft by then.

Real life be damned.