Something Like Hope

It’s both nerve wracking and very exciting when I release a book.  Something Like Hope is now out there in the world, and I really hope people like it.  Because I do.  A lot.  😀

There’s a fun little bit of promo over at Thorny’s today, where we did a little interview.  It’s about me, my writing, and the book.  It was fun for me to answer the questions, and made me think too, so I hope you enjoy it!

Aaron and Lucas have wormed their way into my heart, and I adore them.  They’ll be visiting us again for a few flash fics over the next few Fridays, so we can check in with them again and see how things are going. I always love revisiting my boys, and if you’re not quite ready to let them go either, then tune in to see what happens next.

Happy reading!