The Sequester

So this past weekend, I turned invisible on purpose.  In both real life, and on the Internet (though, if I’m completely honest, I did sneak on a few times, look at some stuff, answer a few emails, and the like.  But mostly ignored it).  My goal was to hide away and focus my brain, and write a lot of freaking words.

I’m happy to say that it was quite a success!

In two days, I managed a little over 11,000 words.  Well, I actually did a great deal more than that, but there was a lot of deleting happening on day two, and I don’t really count those words because they didn’t stay.  And I did struggle to get into the groove on day two that I had on day one, which is when most of those words happened.  But I still managed a huge chunk of writing.

I have, in fact, half a book written.  And that, right there, was what I wanted to emerge from my weekend sequester with.  I have half the book done, and still six weeks to finish the other half.  (the deadline was Admiral suggested and author approved.  I need boundaries sometimes, even ones I impose myself, or I’ll just procrastinate forever)

So the sequel to Something Like Hope, which is out at the end of the month, is half written.   And when I finish that?  Well, then I’ll be diving right into the third book.  Just so I can keep the momentum going on the series, and no one has to wait too long to read the next installment.

Because I know I hate it when I have to wait as a reader.  I don’t want to do that to you guys!

All in all, it was a really good weekend, capped off by the release yesterday.  I really do love those guys, and I hope that if you’re so inclined to read Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love, you’ll love them a little bit too.