What Kind of Week Has It Been

Yesterday afternoon it sort of all crash down me.  The stress and the worry and the overwhelming…it all sort of screeched my brain to a halt.  It’s time to decompress a bit, relax, and just enjoy things that are other.  So I sat down with my yarn last night and finished up what I was working on.  It’s only one of four things (six really) that I’m working on at the moment, but that’s done.  And while I was knitting and watching TV, my brain was plotting.

It turns out I can’t really shut it off.

Really, I’m not surprised by that.  And I’ve often found the ability to let my mind wander in between the stitches.  Mind you, it wasn’t what I should have been plotting, my WIP, and was something else entirely, but it felt good just to think and knit.

I intend to do more of that this week.  Just knit and think.  Fortunately, my obligations are at a minimum right now so I can do that.  And tonight, when I sit down with the yarn, it will be with a mind focused on the current WIP–which doesn’t have a title, and only a vague plot at this point, and barely 1200 words.  But the Admiral is pulling for this story, and so am I, so I will give it my focus and see if I can’t get all my ducks in a row.  It’s on the verge of coming together.  It just needs more thought.

In the meantime, Will and Joshua will be back on Friday to give you another little snippet of their life.  The challenge from the Admiral has them in a bit of a sticky spot.  I hope you enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “What Kind of Week Has It Been”

  1. Better listen to that Admiral, he’s a pretty smart guy! I’m excited by all the little plot bunnies jumping around in your brain! Yarn away and think, my dear.

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