So That Happened

So. In case you missed it, I released a little novella last week (buy links in the book page at the top).  And it was scary and exciting and overwhelming and awesome.

Some people have said some amazing things to me, and I appreciate that with my whole dang heart.  There’s been some positive feedback with is utterly astounding.  There’s been actual sales which blows my mind a little bit.  To be honest, I can’t put into words how appreciative and grateful I am.  So I’ll just say a great big fat thank you to any and all who helped to make the release amazing and who have supported me throughout it.  It’s not enough, that thank you, but it’s all I have.  Y’all are freaking amazing.

But in the midst of all that awesome, we’ve gotten a crapton of snow.  Not as much as some other parts of the country, and for that I am grateful, but enough to be annoying and upsetting and to remind me that at this point?  I’m done with winter.  I am so ready for spring.  And not to mention, while I was enjoying a release day, a chunk of ice fell off the house and broke the side mirror on my car.  So, you know, now I have to get that fixed.  But the snow and the car, and all the other little things, though annoying and irritating, I just remind myself it’s all fodder for the grist mill.  That’s the kind of stuff that inspires plot bunnies and makes me want to write.

I’m in the post finishing a book slump right now, and the words are a bit like torture.  I’m still putting them on the page, knowing I can fix them later, but it’s hard work.  It seems like there’s a disconnect from my brain to my fingers, a block of some sort that is keeping the words from flowing.  I’m trying hard right now to work around it, so we’ll see what happens.  I’m working on it.

I’m going to end with another thank you, because really, I just can’t say it enough.  To everyone.  Thank you so very much.