Follow Up on Confidence

Confidence is a fickle thing.

Working on the last round of edits on my current WIP, tentatively titled Beck And Call, before I submit it for consideration, and I’m flush with confidence.  A little change here, a tweak there, change the way a sentence is worded to avoid passive voice, is that “little” really necessary there, read through yet again…I got this, it’s good, I can do this.  I got confidence.

Editing Spell Break on the other hand?  Well, that’s a whole different beast.  Trying to fix THAT while keeping things largely unchanged is a challenge the likes of which I never expected.  So far, it’s mostly rewriting scenes to read better, so the the content itself is unchanged, but it’s really a crap load of rewriting.  There is one new scene I’m planning, but haven’t gotten to yet.  And here’s where the confidence starts to shake again.  Because I’ve got everything I need already, but being able to rewrite it in a better way is harder than I ever anticipated.

But I repeat my mantra…I got this…and push through anyway.

It’ll probably take a bit longer to get Spell Break, and it’s sequel, out there than I originally thought.  It’s a real test of my abilities.

I’ve got confidence, I just need to apply it elsewhere. And remind myself that I got this. The more I do, the better it gets. And that’s going to help me stay in solid ground better than anything else.