I Got This

I know for a solid fact that I’m not the only one with shaky confidence out there (though sometimes it’s hard to remember that fact).  I’ve seen plenty of authors–well established, resoundingly successful authors–who really freak out over WIPs or new releases, just certain that no one is going to like it.  Because of my own personality, though, sometimes, yeah, it’s super shaky, or non existent, and I just crumble a bit in on myself because I just know that there’s no way I can do this.

Except I have.  And I can.

I’m not going to write the next big literary masterpiece.  I’m not going to write some sweeping epic of self discovery, where my character experiences massive and profound growth on his journey.  I don’t think I have that in me.  I’m perfectly fine with that.  Because all I want is to write a story that entertains for a few hours, maybe gives the reader a bit of feels, is a coherent story with characters that grow and change and become better, but not necessarily in an epic way.  I’m perfectly fine with that, these are the stories I have in me, the stories that need to get out.

But telling that entertaining story?  Sometimes, and sometimes a lot, I have very little confidence in myself that I can do that.  Only…I got this.  My new mantra.  I got this.  And even when I don’t feel like I do, even when that confidence is shaky beyond belief and I’m seconds away from throwing up my hands in defeat, I remember the mantra, I repeat it to myself, and I’m able to take a step back, take a deep breath, and write.

I’m doing what I can to improve.  I’m learning everyday how to be a better writer.  I’m listening to my betas about what works and what doesn’t, and editing to make it better.  So when that final project is out there for public consumption, it’s a good story that will entertain.  Not everyone will like it (because that’s impossible) but those that do will appreciate the work that went into it.

I just have to remember that I got this.