The Title

For me, the title is an important thing.  I think a lot of people will agree.  I want the title to make sense.  I want to understand why an author chose a certain title for the work.  I want it to resonate with the story.

That doesn’t always work.  I can think of a few (which I won’t name) where I thought the author was grasping at straws.  I can think of a few more (also won’t name) that didn’t make sense to me at all once I read the book.  So I’m conscious of my title choices.  And maybe there are readers out there who don’t agree with my choices either, just like I don’t agree with other author’s, but at least for me, it works.

Most of the time, titles come to me while writing the work.  Some particular line or scenario sticks out and I realize that’s what the title should be.  It was like that with Worth It and Hero Worship.  Sometimes, titles need a little assist, like Pumpkin Rolls and Porn Sounds which was suggested to me by a friend and fit perfectly for the story (that’s slated for release in about six months, details when I have them).  Everything else I’ve written, I’ve been able to figure out the title by the time the story was finished getting on the page.

Not so much with the new one.  The first draft is complete, I’m working on making it better now, the title eludes me.  A couple of people have read it, and a couple more will read it soon, but those that have can’t suggest anything either.  I’m in a quandary, and it’s irritating.  I feel like it’s there, somewhere, and I just can’t see it.

I hoping another pass through, more editing, and I’ll be able to see it’s name.  Because the title is important.

Do titles draw you in?  Do they make you take notice, take a second look?  Am I alone in thinking that a good title is important to a book?