My head is doing that thing where it bounces from character to character, idea to idea and can’t settle on any one thing. It’s sort of a hard place to be for me as a writer. Because it usually means that I jump into something without giving it the proper amount of thought and then I get stalled out on a plot point that can’t be resolved.

I’m trying not to give in to that at the moment. I’m trying to keep my fingers off the keys and actually think about the story before I start writing it.

But it’s not easy. I’ve got at least 3 “brilliant” ideas right now. Lol. So I’m trying to work out the plots, and see which characters and which story are screaming the loudest, which ones are a complete story. And that’s the one I’ll work on next.

My head’s aspinnin’ and I need to settle it down. Because in anxious to start working on the next story.