The Explanation

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I put up a post of substance.   There wasn’t even a flash fic this past Friday.  And all I can say is that life–that troublesome thing–has been getting in the way.  There has been much going on in my personal life that has prevented me from posting here.

But that’s not to say that I haven’t been writing.  Because I have.

As I made mention, I finished Beholden and I’m working on edits and tweaks now.  Soon, I’ll have to make some decisions about what I’m going to do with it, where I’m going to send it for consideration, and the like, but not quite yet.  In the mean time, I have broken ground on it’s sequel, though there’s no meter because there’s no real substance yet.  Only a couple of paragraphs and an incredibly talkative character.

I’ve also begun a new story, that I think will be a short, or possibly a short novella.  Those boys are pretty damn talkative too, and I have that entire story roughly plotted out.  Though I’m still not sure how many words it will take me to get the entire story on the page.  Once that’s done, I’ll have to make some decisions about that as well.

I hate making decisions.

But it’s good to know that characters are still living in my head, and on paper, and that I have a great deal of stories left to tell.  There were a few days there where I wasn’t sure.  Ultimately though, I’m committed to telling good stories, sweet stories, and watching my boys find their HEAs.

And soon I might have some news about new boys being out there for you to read.