How It Starts…

So after I get an idea I actually think might work, I spend a lot of time thinking about it. Like a lot. Like when I’m in the shower, or driving, or in those minutes before I fall asleep. Basically when my brain isn’t engaged in something necessary, the story is on my mind. Sometimes even when I’m supposed to be engaged with work or whatever, I’m actually staring off into space and thinking about my boys. I’m sure this comes as a surprise to no one.

At any rate, this is where I am right now. These guys are consuming my free moments, and I’m constantly thinking about them. At first it was the little things, like who they are and how they fit into the basic idea I had. But then it quickly evolved, and now I’m seeing scenes. I kind of love that stage, when I’m just seeing snippets of their lives and their interactions. It’s times like this that I wish I could write out of order, just so I could get those scenes on the page. Since I can’t (because oh my god, my brain doesn’t work that way) my usual mode is to think about it a lot, over and over, mentally tweaking those scenes until I basically have it memorized. And jotting down a rough description when I get to the point where I write my very rough outline thingies.

(When I actually get to writing it, it’s usually changed, either because I forgot something I wanted to wright (yes, I know) or because the story changed around it and what I originally envisioned not longer fits)

So I’m thinking lots, and I think this story is gonna stick. I know these guys’ names, I know their personalities, I know how they meet and how they get to the next level. The actual getting to the HEA is a little shakier, but I have confidence they’ll get there.

And pretty soon, I’ll be ready to start putting words on the page.