Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**This week’s prompt is a car breaking down, a bickering couple, and a hot tow truck driver. Enjoy!**

“When the check engine light comes on, that means you’re supposed to check the engine.”

Clenching my jaw, I kept my gaze fixed straight ahead at the white smoke billowing from the hood of the car. I did not turn and look at the man who had shared my heart, bed, and body for the past nine years. If I did, I would probably claw his eyes out just for the patronizing tone. I took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, then closed my eyes as the smoke seemingly got thicker.

“This is not my fault.”

Sam snorted out a derisive laugh. “This is exactly your fault. Jeremy, you didn’t service your car when it told you it needed it.”

“Don’t snipe at me,” I ground out. “The light came on when I was driving home yesterday, but then it was gone this morning when I started the car. How was I to know the car would start belching steam half way to your parents house?”

“You should have called the garage as soon as–” Sam’s words were cut off when a flashing yellow light cut through the darkness. His parents lived twenty-five miles out of town, and we’d been stuck on a back road that only had intermittent lights.

Sam turned and looked behind us as the tow truck came into view, it’s huge headlights illuminating his face. I turned in time to see his scowl morph into one of relief. He’d called his father to come meet us after we’d called Triple A, and I knew he was worried about keeping his dad out in the cold. Now, once the man arrived, we’d already be in the process of getting the car taken care of.

A big bulk of muscle hopped down from the cab of the tow truck, and I exited the car at the same time as Sam. The moment the tow truck drive came into view, I sucked in a breath. He was gorgeous, all cut muscle and broad shoulders. His face was a study in carved perfection, and his grin was blinding even in the dark. I had to lean against my sedan as my knees went a little weak.

“Hey there,” he called in a jovial sort of voice. “Looks like you’ve got problems. Can you pop the hood for me?”

I leaned back in to do as he asked, but when I straightened, Sam was right there, standing between us. He’d crossed his arms over his chest, puffed up even, and he was glowering at the tow truck driver. I tried to peer around Sam as the man leaned over to look at the engine, but Sam stepped back into me, pushing me back a step. I jabbed at his shoulder, but he didn’t move. Sam was almost as big at the driver was, six foot tall and bulky. There was no moving him if he didn’t want to move.

“What is with you?” I hissed in his ear. But Sam didn’t respond.

The driver stood up, and gave us another grin. “Blown head gasket. You got a place you want me to tow her?”

Sam answered before I could, giving him the name of the garage, and then all but ordered me to get anything of value out of the car so that we didn’t have to worry about it when it was at the shop. I grumbled as I did it, constantly glancing at Sam and the way he stood glaring at the tow truck driver.

Fifteen minutes later, my car was hooked up to the tow truck, and Sam’s dad had arrived. I’d put all my belongings into his dad’s car trunk, and then turned to thank the driver, but saw he was already getting into his truck. A moment later, he trundled off, my sedan rolling along behind.

I whipped around to glare at Sam. “What the hell was that all about?”

Sam glared right back. “You’re mine. And he can’t have you.”

Possessiveness. My knees went weak again, but for an entirely different reason. Sam knew he had nothing to worry about where I was concerned. I’d never stray. But that didn’t stop Sam from staking his claim every now and again. And every time, it made my heart pound and my stomach swoop. I loved that he had to show the world I was his.

I grinned and threw my arms around his neck. Sam softened immediately.

“He wasn’t going to take me. Never would be able to.”

“Damn right.” Sam sounded smug.

My grin grew even wider. “Come on. Let’s get out of here. Once we get home, I’ll show you just how much I’m yours.”