A Story’s Beginning

It’s funny, the things that stick in my head.

Sometimes, I go back and look at my previous posts to see if I’ve written about a particular something before or how long ago it was. I see the posts where I talk about how I’ve gotten this great new idea and I’m all gung ho to write it. And about most of them, I don’t have any idea what that plan was now. Absolutely none. A few of them, I remember, and I know exactly why they didn’t get written. I expect, in the case of the former, the story lost steam even before it began.

But some things….some things stick and stay, going round and round in my head. They bloom and grow, and actually seem like they are going to going to actually work. The one that’s in my brain now? I got the initial idea from something that actually happened to someone I know. Of course it was an immediate plot bunny. But the more I thought about it, the more it grew, and now there are scenes. And I know plot points. And I know characters and names. I want to write this one.

The thing is, though, that I only have the beginning parts. I only know how the story starts, the first four or five chapters. Of course I also know how it ends. But all the stuff in the middle? The meat of the falling in love and growing and learning? That’s where everything is hazy. So I’m putting off putting the words on the page yet. Though I’m all about the beginning, oh do I love the way this story starts, I don’t want to get too invested until I know how I’m going to get my boys from the meeting and initial attraction to their HEA.

Besides, I’m still taking it easy at the moment, and I’m not in any hurry to rush into a new story. Not when I’m still coming down from the last one. If these guys are, if this story is, meant to be, then the beginning I have will become more and I will have find those salient details to help the boys fall in love forever.