Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**A little more with Spencer and Alex as they celebrate the holiday. Hope everyone who celebrated had a lovely day yesterday. And enjoy this this little scene from Alex and Spencer’s life.**

“Leave them.”

Alex looked up from where he was stacking dishes and gave me a scandalized stare. “I can’t just leave them!”

I nodded, reining in my mirth. “Yes. They’ll be there later. Besides, don’t we have a housekeeper?”

Alex glared. “To do the everyday stuff. I can’t dump seven thousand dishes on him without notice. That’s unfair and rude.”

“Fine. We’ll do them later. Just…” I blew out a breath and then held up a hand. “Everyone is finally gone, and it was so chaotic I feel like I haven’t really seen you all day. Just come sit with me for a little bit, baby. Please.”

He abandoned his stack of dishes, wiped his hands on a towel, and crossed through the dining room to get to me where I was lounging on the couch. I loved the wide open spaces in this house. It made it simple to find my man wherever he was. And damn, but did I love looking at him. From the very first moment I met him, I’d wanted him. And now I had him. It certainly hadn’t been easy, but we were in a good place and had been since last February. We worked hard to keep it that way.

Alex snuggled into my side the instant he sat down. My extra few inches made just enough difference that he could tuck his head under my chin. We liked to hold each other whenever we could, but that he burrowed in so fast clued me in to his state of mind. He needed some decompressing. The whole day had been a bit stressful, and I hadn’t made it any easier by springing it on him at the last minute. Of course, his dad and I had made a strategic move there. Because if Alex had more time to worry about it, it would have been a thousand times worse. But I had him in my arms now and that was the very best place for him.

I reached down and tipped his chin up so I could look into those beautiful blue eyes. I could see the stress, so I bent and kissed him. Softly, tenderly, but with as much heat as I could manage. Alex instantly melted against me, that tension he’d been carrying disappearing.

When I pulled back, he was panting hard, and I made sure to keep his gaze. “I am thankful for you. I am thankful you gave me that first chance and took me to bed. I’m thankful you gave me that second chance and let me back in. And I’m beyond thankful you have worked at this thing with me, made it amazing, and we have this to come home to, to rely on. I love you.”

For a long moment, Alex didn’t speak. But I could see a touch of wetness in his eyes, and he swallowed hard a few times. I smoothed his hair back from his forehead–it was darker than normal for a role he’d just filmed, and I wanted his auburn back–and waited for him to speak.

“I love you. And ditto to all that. Thankful for you and that I did that and…” He shook his head and grinned. “I love you.”

I chuckled softly. Alex often lamented the lack of script writer in his everyday life but while he wasn’t the most eloquent when his emotions were high, I thought he expressed himself just fine. I pushed him down beneath me on the couch, and Alex spread his knees so I could fit in the vee of his hips. His eyes rolled back as he pushed up, rubbing the best parts together, and I lowered my mouth to bit at his outstretched neck.

“So,” I murmured against his skin. “Where we going to put the tree?”

His bark of laughter, echoing in the large room, was music to my ears.