Release Day!

Something Like Want is live on Amazon, where it will live happily for the next 90 days before going to a wider release. You can check it out here!

Of course, we’ll see a few Friday Flash Fics featuring these guys, and I’m excited to bring those to you as well.

Hope you enjoy Alex and Spencer’s story. It’s been a long time coming, but they are finally here. And I couldn’t be happier!

Actor Alex Lockhart’s career is in a good place. The roles are coming in, the work is steady, and everything is falling into place. Even his sex life, since Alex finally hooked up with somethinglikewant_3dcoverlganother hot actor, Spencer Johns, and Spencer pushes every one of Alex’s buttons. Just when Alex is on the verge of landing an exciting role, he learns the part went to Spencer. And Spencer didn’t even bother to mention he was up for the part.
Feeling furious and betrayed, with one punch Alex takes their sudden feud public. Hollywood is abuzz with their rivalry. But when a chance at a great independent movie comes up, Alex can’t turn down the role, even if Spencer is also slated to be in it. Beneath his outward hate and loathing for Spencer simmers hurt and a desperate want Alex can’t seem to quell. But as he tries to hold onto the hurt and anger, Alex learns Spencer isn’t quite what he thought. Can burning desire and want be enough to put out the flames of Alex’s rage?