The Thrill of Finishing

There’s a particular kind of thrill when I’ve finished writing a story. It comes from more than just actually putting the last words on the page. From more than just being able to take that breath and relax, have a celebratory drink, having something done.

I’ve finally gotten to see how my MCs’ story unfolds, see how it all ends.

My characters are with me all the time. When I’m actively writing a story, they take up part of my brain function constantly. I know them well. They live in my head. And even though I’m creating their story, there’s a certain unknown factor that reveals itself during the process. So even though I know the larger plot points, it’s the salient details that come to me while I’m writing.

This is the biggest thrill for me. To see my guys have their HEA.

Hearts and Hazelnuts is done. All the words are on the page. I’ve gone through and polished it up. Now I’ll get a little feedback and polish it some more before I send it in to the publisher. Yes, there’s work to be done still. Of course there is. But the drafting stage is complete. I have an entire story.

And Beckett and Jordan have their HEA.

And I’m thrilled about it.