A Wee Break

Life often has stuff come up. Emotionally draining, worrying, unforeseen stuff. I’ve got some of that going on right now in my life. It’s nothing I can do anything about. At least not directly. And I just have to wait it out and see the outcome.

But I’m not in a mindset to write.

At all.

So I’m taking the pressure off. Whatever happens in the next week or two, if I get words on the page, if I write a blog post, then it happens. But I don’t expect it. I may be around on social media a bit, here and there, but I’m not going to be any kind of presence.

I imagine things will settle down, one way or another, after this upcoming weekend. And then I’ll be able to focus back on writing at that time. I was trying to keep going, but honestly, there’s no focus. And that would just produce crappy words. So, like I said, I’m taking the pressure off myself and letting it be.

I’ll be back, to work and posting, when I have some news.

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