The Hitch

I was ready to dive in. I was.  All set, poised and about to jump.

Until I had the startling realization that the plot I’d created in my head was startling similar to the plot of another book.

I don’t know how I didn’t realize it sooner. While I was sitting there plotting and taking the time to write that plot out, you would think that it would have hit me. Considering the book in question is one I enjoy and have read several times. You would think I’d have made the connection. But I didn’t and so it was like a lightning bolt or a punch to the face or something shocking and/or illuminating. I didn’t see it before and then it was all I could see.

Now, yeah, I know. There’s only so many stories you can tell, and often times, there are points that are similar throughout books. It’s inevitable, in a way. It’s going to happen. But this goes beyond that. It wasn’t just one or two similarities. It was a whole host.

And so…I’m reworking and altering and changing. Have to. And even though it’s a bit frustrating and for a little bit I was very growly about it, at least I realized it BEFORE I started writing.

I still expect to get my head together and get this started. There’s been enough procrastinating. So I’m focusing on that. The characters are good as they are, the beginning can stay the same. It’s just all the other plot points that need to be changed.

I’m laughing about it now…in a way I wasn’t yesterday. And looking at it like it just might be the thing I need to get this thing jump started.

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