So That Happened

I finished writing Something Like Peace.

I had a bit of a sequester last weekend, on Sunday and Monday, and I banged out more than 14k words.  That, combined with what was already written, brought me to the three quarters mark.  Ad when I called it quits on Monday night, I knew if I had one more day of solid writing, I could get the book done.  Because I only had three chapters left to write.

It ended up being four chapters, because some stuff happened that I didn’t plan, but it’s all good.  And the book is complete.

I edit and tweak as I go, sometimes a little obsessively, so it’s a pretty solid final draft right now.  I’m sure I’ll make a few other changes as I read through it again, get some feedback, and the like.  But it won’t be more than a couple of weeks before I send it in to the publisher, with hopes of seeing it on the shelves in several months.

I am, as always, a little bit in love with my guys.  There’s something about this pair that I just adore.  I really liked watching them fall in love.

So I’m going to take the next couple weeks off from writing, other than polishing up SLP to get it ready to send in.  I don’t know what I’ll be working on next, but I have some vague ideas.  We’ll have to see what percolates and shakes out.  But a little break is definitely in order, relax a bit, get my head clear.  And I’m looking forward to that a whole lot too.


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