It’s All in My Head

I’ve taken the day off from the day job today with the express purpose of spending the day with the fun job. Writing.  A sequester of sorts, to really make some progress on Something Like Peace.  Yesterday I managed to add more than 7,000 words, and today I intend to do the same.  If not more.  We shall see.  SLP is at the halfway point now, which is also the turning point, and I’m loving it.  And after a retrieving a second cup of coffee, I’ll get to it.

Everything about this book is in my head.  I just need to pull it out and put it into words so you all can see it too.  It’s not always the easiest thing.  It’d be great if I could show you pictures of the way the guys looked, so I didn’t have to try to explain it.  But I can’t just whip those out because they aren’t inspired by famous people and I only see what they look like in my brain.  (Except Vincent, but I can’t show you him either because he’s based kind of on a real person.  Trust me, he’s hot.)  It’d be freaking fantastic if I could plug directly into my brain and record the images and scenes that I see, so that you can get the true, full experience of the story. But that’s not possible either.

So I’m putting in the work to get the images translated into words.  So you can see.  So you can follow along as the story progresses and watch two very deserving guys find love.  And today I get to bring out their hurt and fear and worry, delve into some scary emotions, before I make things happy again.

I can’t wait for you guys to see what’s in my head this time.