Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Brandon and Jared return again, this time trapped by snow in a mountain cabin.  Enjoy!**

I woke up sticky, sore, and smiling.  Last night had been so good, exactly what we needed and wanted.  I was sure Jared left bruises on my hips and hickeys on my throat.  We’d been apart for weeks, and he’d been particularly aggressive.  I was surprised he hadn’t attacked in the airport or the car, managed to keep it to just a passionate kiss or four, and was able to restrain himself until we got all the way to the mountain cabin I’d rented for us.  I’d finally finished filming Robber Barons and I was desperate to spend some quality time with Jared.  I needed it.

So I rented the seclude cabin on the mountain.  It wasn’t far from the resort but the eight rental cabins all afforded a great deal of privacy.  When I had perused the website, it hadn’t taken me long to make up my mind.  I had my finger hovering over the book button the entire time I talked to Jared.  I clicked it as soon as he’d given permission.  But last night had been worth it all, to have him own me so thoroughly and completely.

Tucked against his big body, I was overly warm, but I snuggled even closer.  It was the only place I truly wanted to be, and even though he was still sound asleep, I was more than happy to stay right there and enjoy the quiet.

Which, now that I thought about it, was a little too quiet.

Unease started curling in my gut.  I listened hard, trying to figure out what was wrong.  And then I realized it.  There was no hum of the heater, no faint electrical buzz from the clock on the bedside table.  In fact, it sounded like a blanket had been thrown over everything.  I sat up, pushing the quilts down, and was attacked by a frigid cold that had me shivering.  But I still got out of bed, despite turning into one big goosebump, and made my way to the window.  Last night, before we’d closed the curtain, we were able to see the glow from the resort down the road.  When I pulled the curtain aside, I saw nothing but white.

I made my way, quickly and quietly, out of the bedroom and into the front room.  The huge picture window along the front of the cabin confirmed my worst fears.  There was nothing but snow, feet of it, piled up in all directions.  And it was still coming down.  I swallowed hard, shivering in the freezing air, and willed myself not to panic.

“Brandon?” Jared’s voice sounded a bit muffled, like he was just emerging from our blanket cocoon.

“O-out h-h-here,” I stammered.

He was at my side in an instant, his dark brown eyes assessing.  He grabbed the afghan from the back of the couch and wrapped it around my shoulders before he hugged me tightly to him.

“We’re s-s-snowed in,” I said, hating that my words were fighting me.  It had been so long since I’d stuttered in front of Jared, and it was making me angry that the situation was getting to me.  I was with Jared.  There was nothing to worry about.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. You know I’m not going to let anything happen to you,” Jared said as if he’d read my thoughts.  He kissed my forehead, then my eyes and nose, before giving me a quick but passionate kiss. Then he led me toward the couch and urged me to sit.

He didn’t seem to be fazed by the cold, or at least, he wasn’t physically reacting to it.  And I couldn’t tear my eyes off his ass as he knelt in front of the fireplace, and set to work lightly the wood already inside.  It only took him a few minutes before he straightened and then pulled the screen in front of the flames.

“It’ll be warmed up in here in no time,” he said confidently.  Then he leaned over me to drop a kiss on my head.  “Stay here for a bit, all right?  I’m going to check things out.”

I nodded, even as I smiled.  “Yes, sir.”

His grin was gorgeous, and I was rewarded with another kiss, before he strode into the bedroom.  I noticed a book of amenities and services the resort offer, and picked it up.  A moment later he reappeared in sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt, and then he started poking around the cabin; first in the kitchen, then in the back storage closet.

“There’s a generator in the closet, and gasoline,” Jared said with a smile, as if that made everything better.  I had to grin in response, and I held up the binder I’d been leafing through while he searched.

“It r-runs the fridge and the hot w-water heater.”  I opened the book to the page and then handed it over.  “Emergency protocol.”

Jared was instantly absorbed, reading.  I slid across the cushions until I could snuggle up beside him.  The fire hadn’t made things warm enough yet, and Jared was always the best source of heat.  The man was like a furnace.  He didn’t say anything as he memorized the protocol.  My man was a Marine, and he’d make do, but he liked it better when he was prepared. When he was done, he snapped the book shut and laid it aside.

“We’re going to be fine,” he assured me.  I loved his confidence.  I always had.  It was one of the first things that drew me to him.  His confidence was because he was solid, and solid was what I needed desperately.  I nodded fast, and pushed in closer.

“There’s no reason to worry,” he said quietly, pulling me in tight.  “It said this happens from time to time, but they have procedures in place.  We’ll be fine for at least a week, but the resort staff will get to us before that time elapses, even if the snow doesn’t clear.”

I nodded again even as I crawled into his lap.  Jared didn’t hesitate to wrap me in his arms, and position us so I could push my face into his neck.  I inhaled deeply, taking in his earthy, musky scent and letting it calm me.  I loved the way he smelled, and it triggered me to feel safe.  Every dang time.  Also horny, because Jared was incredibly sexy, but that could wait.

“Brandon,” he said, his voice dropping to a lower register.  The things that voice did, the way it flipped my switch, was a marvel to me.  I took a deep breath and let it out, and with it the anxiety and tension left too.  He gave a hum approval, and his big hands cradled my head. “There you go.”

I gave him a small and shaky smile.  “Sorry, sir.  I’m sorry our vacation got ruined.”

Jared started, and then his eyebrows scrunched together like he was confused. “Ruined?”

I blinked.  “Because of the snowstorm?”

Jared’s expression cleared, and then his eyes filled with lust. In a lightning fast move, he had me pinned beneath him.  The growl he let out made me shiver and arch against his body.  “We’re stuck together, unable to leave, unable to see anyone else, with nothing to do but eat, fuck and talk.  And not necessarily in that order.  By what definition of the word is that ‘ruined’?”

Well, when he put it that way….

I spread my thighs so he could fit between them, pulling my knees up to bracket his hips.  “I love you, Jared.”

Jared was too busy sucking up another mark on my neck to answer, but I didn’t need the words.  I trusted him completely, and I knew how he felt.  I tilted my head back so he had better access to my neck, and didn’t even try to stop the whine that escaped.  His answer was a growl that vibrated my skin, but he didn’t seem in any hurry to move things along.  Jared was in the mood to take this slowly.  I clung to him, watching the snow fall, and grinding my hips against him.

How could I have ever thought our vacation was ruined?  It was perfect.