The Change

Okay, so I had the Something Like series all planned out.  You know I did.  It started with a standalone and quickly morphed into a trilogy because of a request that got put into my head.  And then it changed some more as I met a few different characters, and got this whole other idea, so I thought there was going to be five books in total.  And there are, probably.

It’s just not the five that I originally envisioned.

Things got tweaked and changed around early on in the process when books two and three swapped places.  That was, mostly, because of timeline issues.  And then I dropped book four off the roster (to be considered as standalone project in the future), and added a new book five.  And I thought that was it, I was good to go.  I had book three plotted, and then replotted, and books four and five were waiting patiently.

And then every dang thing changed.

An off hand remark by me, telling the Admiral something I’d dreamed, led to a discussion and suggestions, and before I knew it, everything was different.  And I felt a little guilty at first, a little like I was cheating on the plan by making the change.  But with this change comes a refueling of my fire that I didn’t even know was starting to burn out.  I have the passion.  And I’m excited for this book.

The idiom says the third time’s the charm, and I think it is right.  I’ve replotted the third book yet again, and I’m raring to go, ready to write this story.  Though I’m still taking a few more days off before I dive in, I’ll be ready to go when I do.

It’s going to be called Something Like Peace.  It’s Dan’s story.  And I’m betting it’s not what you think it is.

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