Okay, so I’ve never been the greatest at managing my time.  I’ll admit it.  I get distracted by the shiny, and put necessary things off until the last possible second and start kicking myself, hard and repeatedly, for doing it.  Every dang time.  Despite my propensity for procrastination, I’d been getting better about it.  Making time for things that needed doing and the ones that I just wanted to do.  Not great, mind you, but better.  Not as many things were getting left to the last second, and when I started to slide too much in that direction, I was able to pull myself back.

And then everything went freaking nuts at the day job.

Now, my day job is the evil variety and of course I wish I didn’t have to do it.  (I like my people, I’m not a fan of the work itself) If I could walk away from it I would. But I’m not in a position to do that, and so I must toil away.  And lately, that’s been meaning 10-12 hour days while we try to clean up a huge mess from the transition we made.  Right now, things don’t seem to be getting much better but I have faith that they will.  Until then, I’m the one taking care of a bunch of things that no one else can do yet and it’s making for long, stressful days.

As a result, I’ve been neglectful of the writing.  I was going to start Something Like Peace this week, but now I’m not sure that will happen.  I still haven’t finished edits on Something Like Trust.  I haven’t even started Friday’s flash fic.  I’m feeling like a slacker and I’m feeling the missing part of me.  And as much as I want to just dive in and write, it just doesn’t seem possible at this moment in time.

I need to get through this week, get the necessary things accomplished, and then, hopefully, this weekend I can stop being neglectful and start being productive.