Tomorrow, after work, I’m finally getting to head on my little vacation.  A weekend away.  Just my sister and me, holed up in a hotel, taking in some pretty sights, and basically, just relaxing.

I need it desperately.

I need to decompress in the worst way.  I need the demands of life to be put on hold for a brief time.  I need to take a step back from the normal.  Getting away, even though it’s not far and even though it’s nothing extremely special, is exactly the right thing for me.  I’ve been looking forward to this actual event for weeks, and the abstract thought of a vacation for more than a year.

The laptop is coming with me, of course.  There’s no way I could go so long without it (and thankfully the hotel has free Wi-Fi available).  The Kindle will be coming with me as well.  And also yarn.  Do I expect to make use out of all of those things?  No, probably not.  But I want to have them with me.  I am hoping to spend some time getting words on the page, and hoping that a change of scenery will help the creative process.

So I’m going to take the weekend to relax and get my head into a happier place.  I’ll still be around some, but probably not as much.  Enjoy the heck out of tomorrow’s flash fic, and if you stop in before I head out, I’ll definitely respond in a timely manner.  😀

And hey, don’t forget to stop by on Saturday too, where there is going to be an awesome and exciting announcement!

5 thoughts on “Finally”

    1. Ha! Oh my god, wouldn’t that be awesome! 😀 But sadly no, I still haven’t got the math to be creative enough!


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