Flash Fic Friday

Special Flash Fic

**In honor of the Admiral’s birthday, a short special fic.  Happy Birthday honey, even if you’re not celebrating :D**

I loved Vegas, but right now the crowds were getting on my last nerve.  The lobby of the casino was packed, and I was just trying to get across the floor.  I wasn’t sure when people had lost all their manners, but I shouldn’t have been surprised.  Fuckers.

Someone knocked into me hard from behind.  I stumbled and nearly fell.  I whirled around, ready to yell at the inconsiderate fucker for not paying attention, but as soon as I caught sight of the man, the words dried up.  He was trying to hide under a ball cap and dark sunglasses, but I knew that face.  Those lips.  That chin.

“Hey, man, I’m sorry,” his voice rumbled.  My knees nearly gave out.  Chris fucking Pine had bumped into me, was talking to me, and I could do nothing but stare.

He reached up and pulled off the glasses, his brilliant blue eyes piercing into me as he studied my face.  “You all right?”

“Yeah,” I croaked out.  I cleared my throat.  “Yes.  You’re Chris Pine.”  I winced.  Fuck a duck, I sounded like an idiot.

His smile was gorgeous as he held out a hand.  “Yeah.  Nice to meet you.”

I took his hand, holding it more than a shake, but he didn’t seem to notice.  I nearly whimpered at the touch of his skin on mine.  But Chris just shook my hand and then pulled away.  I stood there like an idiot when he gave me a wave and left.

I could have kicked myself.  I had the man of my fantasies right in front of me and I did nothing about it.  I should have at least given him my name or tried to draw him into conversation.  In the thousands of scenarios I had daydreamed, it had never gone like that.


My husband’s voice shocked me out of my reverie, and I looked up into his brown eyes.  He was wearing a concerned expression. I opened my mouth, shut it again, and swallowed hard.

“Chris Pine.”  It was all I could manage to say.


“Was here.  Touched me.  Talked to me.”  Goddamn, I was better at words than this.

My husband scowled, and his voice dropped low.  “He was here?”

I nodded.

The scowl got darker.  “If he’d have said the word, you’d have followed him back to his room and let him fuck you.”

I nodded again, because he already knew the truth.  He growled.  Then he took my face in his hands and kissed me.  It was hard and possessive, biting at my lips as his hands cradled my head.  As always, I melted under his touch.  I loved him.  Chris Pine was the fantasy, and yes, I would have cheated on my husband for him.  But this?  This right here was real and every day and amazing.

When we broke for air, he looked down into my eyes, his gaze alight with passion and need.  “How about I take you back to our room and I fuck you instead?  Remind you who you belong to?”

“What if someone hears?”  I couldn’t resist teasing.

He growled again.  “I’ll make an exception this time.”

He took a hold of my elbow and I let him pull me from the lobby.  Best.  Vacation.  Ever.