A Diversion

So I’m working on polishing up my story, and it’s going to take a few more weeks.  I’ve heard back from all quarters with some good input, and now I can edit and tweak and make it as shiny as possible.  This is the fun and daunting part of the work, because it makes me think and really push myself.  Of course, I’m also a little bit in love with my own words so sometimes it’s hard to change them.  I’m working on it though.

Now, this is the first in a trilogy, and I have the next two books roughly plotted as well.  So that’s good news.  When I get to them, I’ll be ready to write.  I also tentatively had another story on the calendar after I write those.

But in the meantime?  Something other is flitting in my brain, and I can see the beginning and some of the middle, so I’m going to put a bit of that on the page.  Because I need a diversion, a little something with a different feel, something to keep my creative juices flowing.  This one I think I’ll be working on in the in between, in and around the series.  I wouldn’t say it’s a complete departure from my norm, but it’s got a little bit of a different flavor, and that’s going to be fun.

At any rate, I’m working, working, working.  Edits and polishing and new things alike.  Because if I don’t get the stories written, then I can’t get them out into the world.

Enjoy your Wednesday.  Friday the flash fic will go up, for real this time (gah) and Saturday, there’s a special announcement.  And I’ll see you tomorrow too. 😀

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