Flash Fic Holiday Blog Hop

I’m one of the three masterminds behind the Flash Fic Holiday Blog Hop!

Created by the wonderful LC Chase
Created by the wonderful LC Chase

Thorny Sterling and I had such an amazing time with our photo inspired short stories, and were so intrigued by the differences we came up with between just the two of us, that we wanted to see what a whole bunch of writers might come up with using the same photo.  And then we thought: what better time to offer free stories then at the holidays?

We absolutely had to pull LC Chase in to help us get this done–she has awesome ideas and is a photo-inspired writer too–so here’s what the three of us came up with.

All stories must be inspired by this photo:

At the Shop



All stories must include in the text:
  * A winter holiday theme,
  * A “bad boy” character, and
  * A gift of some kind (author’s choice)


Try to limit your writing to no more than 3000 words, but 500 to 1000 is preferred. This is flash fiction, which is defined by being brief. Think of it like a specific moment in the characters’ lives, instead of their whole story.


We’re asking that your story fit under the umbrella of LGBT Romance, so if you want to write about any two characters on the gender and/or sexuality spectrums, go for it. Anything goes as far as genre too, so scifi, mystery, paranormal, contemporary, etc. are fine, just make sure it’s a romance first and foremost.


Do you have an idea to use characters you’ve already written about? Well, OK, but make sure we know who you’re talking about by giving us a summary of their original story that this flash fiction is spinning off of as an introduction. (And buy links because, you know, tis the season for the one-click clickety.)


Sign-up Begins: TODAY, October 21
Sign-up Ends: October 31


You don’t have to be a published author to participate. But we do ask that you make an effort to be professional by having others read and critique your work before you post it. Remember, it’ll be internet-permanent in an instant and you wanna look awesome!


Use the InLinkz system below to sign-up and make sure to complete all the required information. (It doesn’t matter who’s blog you sign-up from because everything’s connected in InLinkz.)

Post stories to your own blog starting December 1 and no later than December 7.


If a participant doesn’t have your own blog, you can use the “Writings” section of your Goodreads profile. If you don’t have a blog or a Goodreads account, you can contact me to get on the “Host Me” list and either Thorny, LC, or I will host your story for you on our own blogs (limited availability!).


Questions? Problems? Contact me (kristbethke at gmail dot com or use the contact form at the top).


I’m so excited, and I hope you are too!  Let’s do this thing, and have a blast while we’re at it!

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