Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**NSFW.  Just sos you know. 🙂  Another challenge completed**

Sam was so engrossed in the novel he was reading that he didn’t even notice when the sky had darkened.  It wasn’t until he heard that first splatter of rain that he looked up.  Through the open curtains, he saw the swirling storm clouds.  A distant flash, followed by a loud clap of thunder, had him on his feet.  The sky opened up and the rain began to pour down.  Sam tossed his book aside.  He knew just where he would find his erstwhile lover.  He ran toward the door, ready to track Jude down, and promptly fell to the floor.  Eyes wide, Sam’s gaze traveled down his leg.  He saw the length of rope that tethered his ankle.

The little fucker had tied him to the couch!

Seething, Sam rolled forward until he could get his fingers on the knot.  It took some work—Jude had been a Boy Scout after all—but Sam finally managed to work himself free.  Anger roiling in his gut, Sam bounced to his feet, racing outside.

Jude was swimming.  In the middle of a rainstorm.  His face was serene every time it broke the surface of the water.  His body was beautiful, cutting a powerful swath, and any other time, Sam could have stood there and watched Jude swim for hours.  But not today, with the storm soaking his clothes and the thunder and lightning threatening the love of his life.

Sam stalked around to the edge of the pool, and when Jude was close enough, Sam grabbed his arm. Jude spluttered and went under, but between the two of them, they got Jude up and out of the water.  Sam was scowling, and Jude was blinking in the perfect picture of innocence.

“Huh,” Jude shouted over the raging sound of the storm.  “You got out faster than I thought you would.”

“Inside,” Sam growled.  He pointed toward the house. “Now.”

Jude was shivering by the time he made it into the mudroom, pool water and rain dripping into a puddle at his feet.  Sam was soaked too, but he had a bigger body mass and it would take him a while to feel the cold.  He grabbed a towel from on top of the dyer, and started vigorously rubbing at Jude’s skin.

“I’m sorry I tied you to the couch,” Jude whispered after long minutes filled with angry silence.

“It’s dangerous, Jude.  Swimming in that.  You know that.  You know I hate it when you do it. I’m not as pissed that you tied me up, as I am that you went swimming in the first place.”  Sam’s words were clipped and heated.

Jude knew how Sam felt about this, and he’d tried to get around it.  And while Sam could forgive the rope, what he couldn’t forgive that Jude was so reckless with his own life. Sam knelt in the growing puddle to strip Jude’s Speedo down his legs.  Instantly, he was met with Jude’s half erect dick.  Sam scowled up at his boyfriend, and Jude had the decency to look sheepish. Jude gave a little shrug.

“You’re touching me, what do you expect?”

Sam grumbled under his breath as he kept drying Jude’s skin.  With each rough swipe of the towel, Jude got harder.  When Sam leaned closer to get Jude’s calves, the man had the audacity to wave his penis in Sam’s face.

“I am not rewarding your bad behavior with a blow job,” Sam ground out.

Sam expected a pout.  He expected Jude to stick out his bottom lip and give him puppy dog eyes and lame excuse about how he was so hard he hurt, and it was all Sam’s fault so Sam should be the one to fix it.  What he didn’t expect was for Jude’s eyes to go soft, and for him to reach down and start tugging at Sam’s skin-clinging t-shirt.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes before you get chilled,” Jude said quietly.

Sam went still and let Jude peel off his shirt.  He stood when Jude urged him up, and then was docile as Jude fought with the wet denim.  He shivered a little, the cold finally getting to him, as Jude knelt to pull off his briefs as well. Jude lunged forward, and Sam’s cock was engulfed in the warm recesses of Jude’s mouth.  He groaned, his hands automatically diving into Jude’s wet hair.

Oh Christ, that felt good.  He loved it when Jude used the sneak attack approach.  There was something deliciously decadent about Jude taking his soft cock into his mouth and sucking him to full hardness. The muscles in Sam’s legs started to shiver and shake, and he shuffled back two steps so he could lean his ass on the dryer.  The cold metal was a shock, and he hissed, the sensation such a contrast to Jude’s hot mouth that Sam was instantly fully erect.  Jude made pleased noises, and started humming.   Whatever song he was singing made his tongue do interesting things, and almost without warning, Sam was on the verge of coming.

He sucked in deep breaths through his nose, desperate to stave off his orgasm.  He didn’t want it to be over too fast. Then one of Jude’s chilly hands snaked up Sam’s thigh and cupped Sam’s balls.  The difference was too much.  Sam grunted, stiffened, and shouted Jude’s name as he emptied himself into that warm, willing mouth.  Sam squeezed his eyes shut, panting heavily as he tried to get his breathing back under control.  Eventually, he opened his eyes and looked down.  Jude was still on his knees, his entire body shivering with the cold, but he was still hard enough to pound nails, and his grin was supremely satisfied. Sam grunted, and reached down to use his thumb to wipe a bit of cum from the corner of Jude’s mouth.

“You need to stop swimming in thunderstorms.  My heart can’t take it.”

“I p-promise,” Jude said, shivering harder.

Sam hauled him up, then gave him a light swat on the ass to get him moving into the house.  A shower was in order for both of them, and then he’d wrap Jude up in bed and give him something better to do during a thunderstorm

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