The Return

I haven’t wanted to fully admit it but I’ve been in a writing slump the past couple of months.  Sure I said there was a block, and I admitted to having trouble.  But now I see that it was a real honest to goodness slump.  Yes, I’ve been writing the flash fics, often with help from other people who were presenting me with the prompts and the challenges and the inspiration.  But on the actual working on an MS front?  Nothing.  I got a few words in, twice I started something and got quite a few words, and then…it fizzled.  And I was trying to force it anyway but…

It was the post finished MS mourning period, and I didn’t give it enough time.  I tried to jump into something new too early.  And I wasn’t quite ready to let things go yet, I think.

But I’m writing again.  I’m excited about writing again.  And that feels awesome.   So the flash fics will keep coming, and the new story will keep being written.

Eventually, I need to figure out how to mourn faster.  But for now, the mourning period is done, and there are new boys striving for their HEA.  And that is good.

3 thoughts on “The Return”

  1. Why mourn faster? I’d rather read something that took a long time to perfect than something churned out under pressure. Take your time.


    1. I feel the pressure to be more…prolific. That’s a good reminder though, Alec. Quality over quantity, yes? Thanks!


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