Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

“I can’t go another day without a shower,” Isaac bit out, his voice hard and cold as he stared unblinkingly at his partner of thirteen years.

Dylan flinched and looked guilty, but his resolve was all over his face.  He shook his head and actually moved so that he was blocking the bathroom door.   Not that Isaac knew what was going on in there.  The door had been shut for a week, and work was only being done while Isaac was out of the house during the day.

There was a part of Isaac that thought it was sweet.  When he’d started complaining that the bathroom needed updating, Dylan had jumped at the chance to fix it up.  But Dylan had also decided it was going to be a surprise, and Isaac was never one for surprises.  And he was really, really tired of washing up in the kitchen sink.

Isaac eyes narrowed, and he crossed his arms over his thin chest.  “I heard you in there last night.  You came out all wet and clean.  That means the shower is working.  I want to shower!”

Dylan actually held his hands out, warding Isaac off.  “One more day.  Please, baby, just one more day.  It’s just about done, let me finish.  Tomorrow, okay?”

Isaac opened his mouth to protest, to insist, but he saw the look in Dylan’s eyes and he faltered.  Dylan was so proud of himself, and he’d been working so hard.  Isaac could handle one more day, couldn’t he?

He scowled anyway.  “Fine.  One more day,” he agreed grumpily.  Then stalked off to the kitchen to wash up.



The blindfold was completely unnecessary, as far as Isaac was concerned.  Really, wouldn’t just opening the door be a big enough reveal?  But he played along, because in the end, he was finally getting to see the bathroom.  More importantly, he was finally going to get a shower.

He heard the door open, and then Dylan gently tugged his hand.  Everything smelled like new paint and a slightly of plastic.  He stood still, waiting impatiently.  With a flourish, Dylan pulled the blindfold from Isaac’s face.

Isaac blinked for a moment, his eyes adjusting.  The lighting was soft, though, only the bulbs above the new pedestal sink illuminating the room.  He swallowed hard as  his gaze tracked around the room.  The walls were now a light, soft gray, and the floor tiled to match.  The toilet and sink were both new, their positions slightly different and crammed in close to the small window–which had new coverings.  But when Isaac turned to look at the shower, his heart actually skipped a beat and he sucked in a fast breath.

It was a huge walk in deal, with a small bench along the back wall   There were mulitple shower heads–two that were removable and another that hung above so that it would rain down on him.  It was all chrome, and tile, and glass.  It was the most beautiful thing he had seen in a long time.  Probably because he wanted to be inside so badly.

The very best part was that it was big enough for two.

Isaac’s grin stretched his wide mouth as he reached out to grab Dylan by the shoulders.  He hauled the man close, kissed the ever living daylights out of him, and then pulled back to breathe.  Seeing Dylan all dazed and pleased made Isaac laugh.  He turned on the water, letting it warm up.  He started stripping off his clothes at record speed.  When he was naked, he went to work on Dylan’s.  Then he stepped inside, and with a hand around Dylan’s wrist, pulled the man in after him.

Dylan’s grin was huge.  “You like?”

“I love,” Isaac said reverently as the water pounded against his back.  He gave a decadent groan.  “And I love you.”

Dylan reached for the soap, slicked up the washcloth, and set to cleaning Isaac.  “Told you it would be worth it.”

Isaac could only agree.